Is Hitman Silent Assassin Worth It?

I’m a new Hitman fan because of the WOA games. I wanted to check out the old games so I got Blood Money a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying it. I wanted to check out SA since I thought the story sounds interesting but I heard it’s one of the most difficult games in the series. Now that summers here and I’ve got some free time is SA worth playing ?


Yes. And while you’re at it, give Codename 47 and Contracts a try too. Those Games just ooze atmosphere and style.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is definitely worth it, but you will probably be surprised by it’s much harder difficulty and gameplay mechanics that are slightly different from Blood Money or the WoA trilogy.

Still, this entry in the series have amazing missions, levels and an interesting story that will take you deeper into 47’s private life :+1:

You should’ve started with the older games before getting into Blood Money, to get an insight about how it evolved gameplay-wise and understanding the story imo.

P.S.: Prepare for the Hayamoto (snow) missions, considered as one of the hardests of the franchise. Just take your time and be sure to save at key moments.



Yes! Go slowly with it and don’t get frustrated at the disguise mechanics. Running is absolutely suspicious and weapons sometimes have to match uniforms etc. It’s super hard but super fun! Contracts is a bit easier but similar so if you love H2SA you’ll enjoy Contracts very much too.


Every classic Hitman game is worth playing - there’s nothing like it. This one has its pack of really bad designed and totally not fun levels; and it has a very specific AI behavior (guards really don’t like seeing you run wearing a disguise). Otherwise it’s a great game.

If you are planning to play this on modern PC, make sure to cap FPS at 60 using RivaTuner or some other software. For H2 it’s mandatory. If you start the “new game” and saw a black screen with music instead of cutscene - it means the FPS counter is much higher than 60 and game will not work as it should.


If difficulty is no problem for you, play them just as-is! They are still great games with a few “flaws” that you would not see in today’s games, but they have aged better than many others and I still enjoy them a lot.

They are cheap and if you are unsure because of the difficulty you can always cheat through a level. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but the older games (especially C47) are really hard and I could totally understand if that would make someone skip them. But I find it better to experience the games’ levels, characters, general atmosphere in godmode than skipping them alltogether.

As a child, Silent Assassin was one of my favourite games, back then I liked it more than the others. Not sure about today, every game has its own charme. SA is great tho


The simple answer to this question, is. Yes.

The more complicated answer is, it depends on what you expect of the game. The game is a 21 years old and that can be felt. It’s a more slow game, it’s easily the hardest in the series. The Stealth is slow and full of risk, the enemy A.I are unforgiving. The disguises aren’t as effective as in later titles, you are rarely allowed to run, unless you want to end up like Swiss Cheese.

That said, it’s one of the most rewarding titles in the series, it helped define what the series would become, Planting a lot of the core principals that still defines the franchise. The story is engaging and the best of the series. I would always say yes if one should play this game. But one need to ask oneself if you are able to enjoy it.

And for good measure, play Codename 47 as well. After playing both Silent Assassin, throw out Blood Money.