Is Hitman worth a Netflix adaption?

Prize the technology above all things. Hitman games give mental stimulation by reward and puzzle sandbox to its players and makes them addicted, that’s how it comes alive.

Hitman itself remains superior and unique from other video games as it taps in like brain-trainer waiting for neurological instructions example how you deliver those assassinations lethal or non-lethal, testing the environment, using various paraphernalia manipulating crime scene evidence to ‘make it look as an accident’ :grin: etc. it’s how you play

You also learn world culture and languages within game which I appreciate, certain real world references.

So it’s worth a research citation aswell because the brain is most likely activated to remember from signal responses.

Thank you scat :heart:


I got curious on what you made. Gave it a watch, and was amazed.
That was incredible. The cinematography is astounding man. Keep up the great work :+1:

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Keep 47 to the gaming screen. That’s his true home!!

Turning video games into films and TV series never seems to really work in my opinion.

I really want, if Hitman series ever becomes a thing, to be animated. I don’t think there is honestly any person which would successfully play the role of 47, except for Bateson himself, and I’m not sure if he would star in this role. With animation, it would be ageless, and we would not have to worry about actors.