Is Hush a robot?

If you look closely at the side of hushes head in hitman 3 you can see a weird saymbol or chip implanted into his head.

Yes. Hush is actually an extremely advanced synthetic human sent from the future to ensure the ICA’s future takeover of the world and elimination of 47. I swear you people need to read the damn briefings an find this stuff out for yourself.


Everything said, i prefer your version than the one in the game

I really don’t get the hate for Hush. I haven’t played Chongqing a lot but Hush just kind of unnerves me. His plan to bribe the homeless into his insane pseudo-science experiments is creepy to me. The way they develop him makes him like a creepier Caruso.

It is worse because what Hush is doing is something people do in real life and that is the sort of target that impacts me the most when I can look at them and go “Not only do they feel developed they are a person in real life”.

I go into the best target thread and see the Goomba Squad get more love than any of the real targets and I feel crestfallen.


hahaha goomba squad

I actually like Hush. Like i said, the only targets i’m not very fond of are the ones in Mendoza and even then, they’re good.

Funny I like Mendoza’s targets. In fact Vidal is one of my favourite targets not only because she sees through 47 using basic logic but because all of her views are ones you hear from real people. I knew people that would willingly agree with her in real life and they are just as myopically selfish and entitled as her.

Yates is just thoroughly despicable human being and that says a lot from threatening to fire all of his vineyard staff, to threatening Diana and even sabotaging his wife’s career to build his own. He is to cartoonish to ever feel real but he sticks out to me more.


Don’t worry I have plenty more and given how inexplicably popular they are I am sure I will use more.

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He’s actually from Cyberpunk. Their launch was so chaotic that he got flung right into a game made by a different company.


i like Hush, and i like the creepy Experiments with the homeless people, seeing them having seizures in those Pods, that shit is unsettling.

China is also my favorite Map, even though I’d preferred to take out some Triad Bosses or something.


Seeing the complaints Hitman 3’s launch is having, maybe Hush is jinxed

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" You mechs may have copper wiring to reroute your fear of pain, but I’ve got nerves of steel."

When the facility looks like Fallout 4’s Institute that replaces real people with Synths, it is not far fetched he is a Synth as well and Hush is long dead.


he can be used to kill vidal by making his guards shoot her, but diana can kill the bastard

imo, Yates reminds me of Jerry Lundegaard from a little movie called fargo :wink:

And yet 47 accuses Diana of liking her. I can’t imagine Diana and Vidal getting on, really.

As for Hush - he’s pretty dark.

In some strange way they actually do care for each other especially on Vidal’s side since she is the only person who sides against Yates. On some level Diana does seem to at least respect Vidal. Diana seems shaken if she is killed in front of her, especially in the sniper route.


(other than the pen trick kills with vholes,abiatti, craig black and faba) vidal has the most gruesome fates like getting crushed to nothing by a grape presser

i know but like she seems like she be asexual(asexual is having no interest in either genders)

I know what an asexual is but that doesn’t really impact my point at all.

ik but it just seems odd for vidal and burnwwod to have a relationship (mind the fact that she tangoes with the constant in untouchable)