Is it just me being bad or is at the gates the hardest mission in the game?

I can not tell how many times “Sniper has acquired target” appeared in the left hand corner of my screen. now since im on xbox one, I can’t use cheats.


Dude I was just struggling with this level. Finally got through it, but had to get lucky with a couple head shots on the tower snipers. If you go up the stairs on the back left side (not the side with all the guys on the roof waiting to shoot you in the courtyard), then go to the inside room, open the closest door and slowly inch out you can unload the silencer mp5 into the sniper who watches over that entrance. He will nearly always drop his fancy rifle which can then be used to take out the last remaining sniper.




:raised_hand: :gun: :raised_hand: :gun:


In all seriousness, my best advice is to save often.

…if you’re on Professional, well, I guess you will have to whip out my first and last resort:

Not even meming.


Yep, this is the all time classic mission that is notoriously difficult for the trigger happy guards with X-ray vision. Man, I do not miss the days I was torturing myself struggling to get the SA rank. :grimacing:


Harder than Hidden Valley?! Oh hell no! It “might” be hard but at least it’s not throwing you random bs like guards randomly being hit by the trucks in the tunnels and ruining your SA run. Even to this day I get cold sweats whenever I think of that mission.

This might help :stuck_out_tongue:


I think if you want SA hidden valley is harder but if you are just trying to complete the mission without SA then at the gates is harder.


When doing the run for the video I did it in the second try, Hidden Valley took over 20, no joke :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
It’s not even consistent since when I was doing another playthrough a few years ago I only had to restart it like 7 times and none of the times I was getting the “guard killed by truck” issue… The RNG in that level is bs.