Is it just me or

Is it just me or Hitman 2016/Season 1 was more memorable than Hitman 2 and 3, in terms of the missions? Can it be because it was episodic, so they had more time to make every map good?

Also, in your opinion which campaign/season is/was the most memorable for you in terms of maps/missions?

  • HITMAN 2016
  • HITMAN 2
  • HITMAN 3

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HITMAN 3’s barely been out for a month…


I think the episodic nature does have a part to play, but not because it made the missions any better (all the games have had great levels). I think the episodic meant we had a lot of time where all the focus was on one map so it really solidified them in our minds. In H2 and H3 no maps (except maybe NY and Haven) got as much of a laser focus

A bigger factor I’d say though is that in H2016 all the maps and mechanics were new so they really stuck in our heads. By the time H2 rolled around we could always compare to older maps so they felt less unique (e.g. you can break Columbia down into pieces of Sapienza and Colorado and Marrakesh). Therefore the newer maps feel less iconic


I think it was more memorable for me as well. Paris and Sapienza were just so expertly well done especially when you experience the WoA mechanics for the first time. It was a big leap forward for the franchise in my mind.


H3? Never heard of it, can’t be that memorable

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While HITMAN 2 was when I started engaging with the community which made the anticipation and post launch discussions great, I’ll always consider HITMAN 1 the best given it’s release cycle with content.

HITMAN 1 while it’s model was controversial adopting a episodic format it’s interwoven systems such as mastery tracks, escalations, elusive targets, etc made it all work between map locations.

HITMAN 1 also has Holiday Hoarders and the Summer Bonus Missions release which really did a lot in making the game more enjoyable with these missions releasing over the span of a few months.

Finally with HITMAN 1 was IO doing more for the replay ability department. I remember the update that added the new Mastery Track and unlocks that was exclusive to the new difficulty. It effectively added more to do in each location along with the release of things like Landslide which is a fan favorite bonus level and of course releasing the Requiem Pack for everyone to buy finally.

HITMAN 2 and it’s issue atleast for me was since it released all at once we couldn’t explore every level in a more intimate way similar to HITMAN 1. This is where I think the Mastery Track as a location progression is flawed since a lot of people won’t “master” a level right away and just go to the next thing that is new.

While HITMAN 2 had record numbers of post launch content, I don’t think it’s the best simply because we got quantity over quality with complaints being from simple reskins to just getting all emetic stuff for one month straight. This resulted in a bloated inventory system of items we may or may not use.

HITMAN 2 isn’t a bad game, and it did what it needed to do to keep IO afloat keep that in mind.

HITMAN 3 while I can’t say much about post launch content yet I can say that it’s more of HITMAN 2, but with better more interesting levels. It suffers with the same mastery issue that HITMAN 2 has by launching all at once. It’s a good game and I’m eager to see where it goes.

Here’s my problem: I enjoy the maps from 1 and 3 more. But 2 is way more memorable; why, you ask? Because I can’t stand them! Those aren’t games - they’re work! (Hawke’s Bay, New York, the Maldives excluded). And appart from Santa Fortuna, I don’t find them particularly sexy either.

But I like the trilogy as a whole though, it’s a beautiful project, which IOI mastered quite well!

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The 2016 game was the first game after absolution, and it was a welcomed return to the sandbox gameplay we all love. In terms of being memorable that gives it a huge advantage over the other two.

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for me personally, hitman 2 has far and away the best and most memorable missions.

miami, mumbai, whittleton, sgail, new york and the maldives are highlights not just from the woa trilogy, but of the whole series (though, to be fair, i don’t think there is a bad mission in the trilogy… apart from maybe romania).

however, as someone said earlier in the thread, h3 has been out less than a month, so it’s hardly a fair question.

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I think the episodic format gave them more leeway in level design. In other words they really try to get the most they could have a single map except for maybe Bangkok but even then it is still a very detailed map loaded with beautiful scenery and items to pick up etc. and I do think the episodic nature had something to do with that. Now there is some sort of graphical downgrade for Hitman 1 levels in Hitman 3 that being LOD‘s and some objects being removed entirely that really adds to the ambience etc. and again I think the episodic nature it’s something to do with this because they weren’t worried about gigabyte size when they were doing the episodic formula now it all three games crammed into one client the cracks are starting to show somewhat.