Is it possible to make another account to play all of Hitman trilogy from scratch?

I know there’s the family sharing thing on Steam, but what about Epic Games and Hitman 3? Is there a way i can have a blank slate so i can get the challenges again?

I’m pretty sure you can have your account wiped though I’m not sure if this is what you’re really looking for…

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Without something like family sharing I don’t think there is a way.

As far as I know there is nothing similar on Epic Games.
I.e. it’s impossible right now.
If HITMAN 3 hits Steam…

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You could just play it again as if you were starting from scratch. I did that when creating content and it was cool rediscovering things all over again. Also, you end up getting more XP.

“When”, not “if”… at least that’s what I’m going with for the sake of my sanity! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Seeing what IOI can do to surprise us, I can’t be certain in things like that

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IO don’t allow people to use the tool as a means to simply reset the game. As per part of the description on the page:

This is not an option in this case whatsoever

I’m sorry, did I say it was an option in this case?

I wasn’t replying to the OP.

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Why not just delete your save game and start over?

Doing that doesn’t reset your progress. It only deletes your settings, and whatever save files you have.

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That is just a plea, if you ask IO to delete your data, they have to comply by law.

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Remember how in the old Hitman games you could just delete you saves folder and that was it? Even in Absolution, you could just delete the saves folder while the game was running, close it, let the cloud sync up and no more saves next time you launched the game :unamused:

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Problems of online only game.

Most single player games let you reset your progress at will without having to contact the company website or use family sharing (assuming the platform allows it).