Is it really possible to make Vinny’s bodyguards believe he to be sleeping in his chair?

I am fully aware that you guys cannot see me through the screen. So with that in mind, instead of showing you, I will simply tell you what I’m doing right now. Right now I’m closing my eyes and picturing the perfect hit for a NewLife in my mind’s-eye. And lemme letcha know: it’s awesome. The trouble is, I wonder whether even it is possible. The wiki says it should be, but it might be like a lie.

According to the hitman Wikipedia, the bodyguards of Binnie in “a new life” will think he to be asleep in his chair if they walk in on him kilt. I have always thought the following:

“When it comes to a canon style playthrough of Blood Money, we seldom get to use the poison syringe for stabbing from behind. So this would be the perfect opportunity to make use of it. We hide in Vinny’s closet, right behind his freakin’ chair, we sneak on out behind him just to give a poisoned poke.”

I was led to believe by the wiki itself, that in doing this the guards would not be alerted by seeing him in his chair. This is utterly false from my experience. Am I doing something wrong, or is this shit just not possible? Why does the wiki even say that? I’ve tried it a hundred times. Thank you.

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I never experienced such thing in “A New Life”. Vinnie’s body will be always detected in the chair.
Probably the body wasn’t detected for other reasons: Maybe 47 has time to escape before the return of the bodyguard. Or Vinnie has died from an accident (I don’t know how!).
Moreover, the bodyguards can be in an alert state. After several actions (explosions, 47 doing something wrong…), bodyguards are alerted and run. In this state, bodyguards become “blind” and won’t detect bodies. It will create situations where players can leave the body in the middle of the street and still retain SA rating.

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Maybe it’s only on rookie?

I remember I used to do that a lot.

Yes, playing on rookie removes the “body discovered” criterion to get SA.


I have used both fiber wire and poison syringe in the past, left him in the chair, and finished the mission, and he’s been left alone as if the guard thinks he’s asleep. Mind you, this had only ever applied to the one guard that sticks with him.

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HOW??? Were you on at least normal mode? Ive spent my life attempting! But his living room guard ALWAYS flips his poo when he sees him upon returning from the electrical box!

No, anytime I attempted that was always on the easiest setting.