Is "Perfect Shooter" intended to fail even when you shoot Security Cameras?

Right now the optional challenge “Perfect Shooter” that requires that you do not miss any shot you make, considers shots taken to disable Security Cameras as missed shots. I assume because they don’t count as shots hitting a human.

Is this the intended way it’s supposed to work? Because not being allowed to disable security cameras feels like it should be its own optional condition.

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Yep. There was a similar complication in the main game that worked the same way.


If you’re on PC there is a mod (or 2). One is where your camera can hack security cams. Or another one where you can throw things like Fire Extinguishers or Propane Tanks at them to destroy them (this worked in H1). I prefer the camera hacking one. And I don’t care. I mean, I’d be happy to shoot 'em, but since that’s not allowed I have no other recourse.


Alright, seemed like a weird thing to be considered a bad shooter over but I guess it isn’t that big of a deal.