Is the hitman wiki going to leave fandom

Most wikis are leaving fandom is the hitman wiki going to as well or will it stay on fandom drowning browsers with adds forever

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Why they are leaving and why HITMAN should leave?


Watch this and it will make sense


Basically they’ve entered the “lock the doors & flood the place with sewage” phase of the online platform lifecycle & lots of wikis are jumping ship to alternative hosts that won’t treat their community-written content like a corporate asset.


:wave: Hello, I’m JoeTDaFan, Head Bureaucrat of the Hitman Fandom Wiki. This has been a occurring question for the past week or so. I’m not sure how many people will care enough to read this entire response, but it’ll definitely cover all sides. I’ve personally been on the Fandom platform since April 2017 and to this day I enjoy the experiences I have on the platform. I manage(ed) other projects outside of the Hitman Wiki and video games in general, so I’m diverse when it comes to community management. Fandom is typically the better choice for TV/Movies/Other communites/wikis, as the video game vertical is and has been bumpy. Let’s dig deep into the pros and cons of the idea.

Forking the Hitman Wiki
Read more on “Forking” to receive a better understanding of this section.

First, how do we relocate? Forking the Hitman Wiki would basically duplicate the existing wiki onto another platform. This would be the first and only option in terms of “relocation”. The Hitman Wiki on has been around since 2006, in fact it was one of the early communities created under “Wikicities”. I’ve been the head bureaucrat since September 2019, but been a fan of the franchise since 2013. Anyways, since 2006 the Hitman Wiki has been the #1 source for everything related to the Hitman Franchise. Moving to another community would divert traffic, meaning this new wiki would be time consuming to receive actual feedback or results. Creating a community requires CCC, my personal principle, CCC stands for:

You’ll never see immediate results of something new unless you devote the 3 C’s into it. Me and my administration team have seen complaints about the current wiki being “incorrect”, “messy”, “a disaster”, etc. We have over 4300 articles up to update, it’s not easy to look through every single page and fact check everything, however we always ask for feedback to improve our content to satisfy the players and other members of the community. Creating/importing a new wiki would only have the same issues, except you might be able to cut a lot of content that’s not needed, which we can do right now anyways.

Pros & Cons


  1. New layout that isn’t accessible on Fandom.
  2. New systems to organize content.
  3. A new environment to create content, with more creative control.
  4. Less Vandalism and better moderation.
  5. Less Advertisements (2nd Biggest reason for other wikis migrating to new platform).


  1. Occurring issues with verifying content.
  2. Time consuming SEO development.
  3. Inconvenience to research content as a Reader.

I’m not against the idea of relocating, however at the moment there isn’t a platform that would magically fix every single issue that our community brings up and you will never find one. If readers, players, and other users submit feedback or criticism properly to our administration, we have no problem fixing the issue(s) immediately. 80% of the complaints are discovered on third party websites/communities (Discord Servers, Reddit, Forums, etc), we can’t monitor every comment nor do we want to just to fix a minor error.

We’re always looking for new ways and staff members to help us grow and develop into something bigger than what we are. I understand the concerns revolving around the wiki and Fandom itself, but speaking as the Head Bureaucrat and not the average user, thank you for expressing your concerns and feedback.

The idea is not out of the question, but we are actively cleaning up content to bring a more accurate and reliable experience to the Hitman Wiki for its community and players.

Head Bureaucrat
Hitman Wiki (


Honestly wasn’t expecting a response I understand your points and am glad you took the time to respond if you ever do relocate the wiki please reply again in the future but if it stays on fandom I completely understand best of luck


Thank you for your work on the HITMAN wiki.
Wherever you are going in the future wishing you the best to keep that great database altogether :+1:


This is a very good read, and it’s understandable why the Hitman wiki can’t simply migrate as cleanly as one would like to off of Fandom.