Is the live content finished?

It has been a couple of months now since Freelancer dropped and it has been pretty quiet since then. I was just wondering if this is the end now and focus is being put on the new 007 game. I’m not complaining as two years of continuous support is grand, it just feels a bit sad not seeing the monthly updates anymore.

WHat do you guys think?

Some of the interviews point to devs wantng to expand Freelancer post-launch. Clemens also stated plans to unfix the muffin glitch, which means we will probably get a patch to address that and possibly fix other issues that popped up with Freelancer. And then there’s the marketing and Live tab in the new UI that both hint at 3rd year of ETs, as well as 4 empty slots for Syndicate type trophies in the basement corridor and missing coin.
Whether all those plans come to fruiton is uncertain, but there seems to be an intent from IOI to make some sort of support in the 3rd year, even if minor.


Yeah I noticed the UI changes but wasn’t aware of the interviews, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

As far as “live content,” technically anything IOI continues to support on their servers with online connection to the game is live, so that won’t be ending for quite some time. But, as far as brand new stuff is concerned, it is likely that anything new from this point will just be new things added to Freelancer, some patch work here and there, perhaps new unlocks for Featured Contracts or Elusive Targets, but aside from that, the WoA era of Hitman is pretty much winding down now.


I think we’ll see see reactivated elusive targets spread out throughout the year again, but other than that I think any new game updates will be centred around Freelancer.

Here’s a recent interview with IOI about adding potential updates to Freelancer post launch etc

Hitman Freelancer Q&A - IOI Devs Talk About Designing the Game Mode, Its Reception Upon Release and More


Awesome, thanks for the link.


Just as a point of order, it hasn’t been “a couple months” yet. It’s been 1 month and 8 days. I get what you’re saying, but the mode has barely been out a full month at this point. Let’s continue to be patient.


I guess there will be one more patch to bring the muffin boost back as IO promised it in the January patch note.
It’s nothing if the updates stop now. It’s fair enough after all these years(of course I love to see more but I won’t complain if there’s not)
I just wish there could be an official anouncement of that end and maybe some kind of celebration video.

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Even if “Year 3” turns out to be dry in terms of live content, I sincerely hope IO will use the time to finally iron out all the bugs and issues. I’d like to see the game in a proper polished state once live support ends.


If IOI doesn’t bring most of the new items from Freelancer into the main game (mainly the new tools, especially the two canisters who are pretty unique in their function) this will be their biggest missed opportunity ever :x


Micro proximity taser! I’ve been posting about wanting one for years, will be gutted if it doesn’t become a main game unlock.


Yeah this one would be interesting to have as well, but as it’s pretty much an electric phone 2.0 I dunno if IOI would want to release this in the wild after removing the phone from H3 :x


On a separate point, there’s some campaign items that should be brought into Freelancer as well such as the classic fiber wire, trinity weapons for those who pre-ordered the game etc


IOI released Freelancer as a tribute to the dedicated Hitman fanbase. A lot of expense in time and money, to build Freelancer. Freelancer probably wasn’t a financial windfall compared to the sales of Hitman 3 in the release window ~ 2 years ago.

IOI will release new franchises based on their experiences in developing Hitman, using their Glacier engine.

I expect Project 007 will have a lot of Hitman DNA, and IOI will make a pile of dough out of the iconic franchise. Then IOI will have the funds to come back and support release of a new and improved Hitman down the road.


It’s only fair considering how much WoA took directly from Daniel Craig’s era in particular.

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I get what you’re saying, but also… not? Like they’re functionally different enough that I wouldn’t compare them to each other.

Molotov and broadsword, now those are items we need. Who the hell uses the Concept 5??


Well they’re both portable electric accidental devices that work on non-guards, although the phone has a few more functions.

The molotov and broadsword are already in the main game (but it would be nice to have them available in the safehouse in Freelancer). I made a contract about the Concept 5 once… but yeah I don’t think I’ve ever used it in Freelancer lol

I don’t think the micro proximity taser is E-phone 2.0 at all. Their only similarities are “electrocute people and it counts as an accident”; there’s still some interaction and limitation with the gadget that the E-phone never had:

  • It requires a puddle or water to work, which immediately limits it to specific places (even with a water canister, that too is limited in where you can use it due to it being an illegal-to-use item).
  • There’s still a risk that someone other than your target will get killed. The E-phone killed one specific person, was useful basically anywhere on a map, and counted as an accident on top of that.
  • You can’t pick it back up either, not easily anyway, the E-phone could be picked back up if the wrong person goes to investigate, negating any risk it had.

As things go the MPT is generally well balanced, it has genuine risks and setup, and wasn’t possible to use everywhere, something the E-phone had all the hallmarks of, and was thus an OP item.


Tasers can also be used to ignite gas leaks (not sure if oil leaks though).

E-phone was OP, but I’d still like to see it back (either as an unlock for one of the grindy challenges, or as a farewell unlock when live support ends).

I think you can? Oil leaks requires a spark last I checked.

The reason I didn’t mention the igniting gas thing is because it felt too similar to the puddle situation. It too requires setup and gas canisters are far and few between in the game.

So long as it’s rebalanced to not be so OP here, then yeah, I’d like to see it come back too.

But bringing it back as it was in H2? No, I can’t support that; it can stay dead if it comes back like that.