Is the Molotov Cocktail too unbalanced?

Subjective. The kill might be easy but the kill is one part of the experience. One person’s “too easy” or “unbalanced” is another person’s “just right.” You may think it was warranted, but that’s not an objective fact; that is a perspective. The just right folks lost out from the complaining of the too easy folks.


(5 days before release)

Note that there are a small amount of items/unlocks that are not carried over through this process, such as the rewards unlocked through the HITMAN 1 GOTY Escalations, because they are linked to a purchase. Those items will be available in HITMAN 3 when you redeem access to the associated content. In addition, the ICA Electrocution Phone has been retired and will not be available in HITMAN 3.

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nobody uses the ingame leaderboards lol, actual speedruns are recorded just fine on

Not subjective. The game is designed on getting to the target, killing the target, exiting the mission.

The phone compromised the CHALLENGE of killing the target. And that alone was a big part of the game, if not the biggest. At the end of the day, when you think about a game called hitman, you think kill first. “Im a hitman and I’m hired to kill someone.” Literally the core premise behind the game.

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Yeah I liked ghost mode but players kept jumping out of the contest when they were behind in points…ok I get the elusive target concept, but when you look at the bigger picture where are the elusive targets now? They are in arcade mode…so the phone is a relevant item now that the game is finished.

Yeah, I read the carry over, but you are missing the point, the game is supposed to be under one umbrella aka Hitman 3. Why remove items people had to grind countless hours to achieve. And I can use the phone in Hitman 2, what if I wanted to use it on the Berlin level? No excuse.

Just to add, I pre-ordered on both Xbox and PS4, when first announced, then 5 days before launch they pulled the rug out from under me.

If you want to discuss the phone extensively, do that here:

In this topic it is only relevant to compare to what makes an item worth to be altered in IO’s point of view. It is not relevant if that was justified, only if it would be for the Molotov Cocktail.

Subjective. And I’m gonna alter your quote a little bit to emphasize these parts right here, that I’ve been saying all along.

Sorry, @Urben, just saw your post.

I voted no, but a thing that might help more is to make it illegal to throw. Similar to a car battery

Anytime anyone brings up the idea of the game being challenging, it’s subjective. What would be challenging to one person might be trivial to another.

The way Heisenberg plays (see his HPP), I could probably believe that getting to the target and then leaving is perhaps more “challenging” to him than actually killing the target in almost every situation.

The way that players like 47saso47 play (assuming normal speed running techniques) getting to the target and leaving is so trivial as to be not worth considering.

There are players who find it incredibly difficult to get to the target, kill them, and then leave.

If you’ve ever watched one of the OutsideXbox “3 Ways to Play” videos of the Hitman maps, think of the difference between Andy and Mike’s play styles. A player like Mike would LOVE the Molotov and probably use it almost as often as some players use fiber wire. A player like Andy probably will never use the Molotov in actual gameplay as it’s too “messy”.

There needs to be room in the game for all of these play styles. At the end of the day, the same argument applies to the Molotov, electrocution phone, or anything else IOI chooses to implement. If you personally think that the game is less challenging because an item was introduced, don’t use it. Leave that item alone though for those players who aren’t as good as you are or who just like the way the game works with that item.


Fine, I said my peace. I made my points valid. The Molotov may go the way of the E-Phone.

Hitman 3 is the end of the World of Assassination trilogy, so that seems extremely unlikely.

Kinda putting me and @47saso47 to shame there, @schatenjager. Not lying, though, I’ll give you that.

I do it only insofar as to say that there are multiple play styles and the game needs to be playable by all of them. The fact that you can both play using your own preferred styles and still not only accomplish the goal but have fun doing it is a testament to how good the game actually is.


Psh, sensible both-ways bastard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes. But that’s not everything. You focus on 2/3 of the game. I’m saying all 3 are important.

But your argument against the phone and part of the Molotov is only in relation to 1/3 of it, so you’re not focusing on all 3 either.

In any event, the way schatenjager put it actually helped me understand where you’re coming from a little bit better, so I actually have no further desire to argue it. I think we both might actually be right and wrong, depending on what we’re talking about. Big step for me; I never accept a both-ways viewpoint.

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Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

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One thing I feel about the term “unbalanced” is that Hitman WOA is pretty much finished. I mean if we had unbalanced things right at the start of the game, sure it would be, but a year and a half after launch, I can’t say I have any complaints regarding how the maps are played.

Ok, don’t really get that one, but I only have one of those qualities, as I am a bit on the hefty side right now.