Is the sieker 1 op?

Is it just me or is the sieker/emetic gun too op

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it’s definitely oop but backwards


I guess in the case of usefulness it really is OP. However I think the better question would be “am I cheating for convenience?”, because this is a single player game and you would only be cheating yourself just for the sake of whenever or not you find the Sieker/Kalmer OP or not.


It’s powerful and could use a minor nerf but it’s not too powerful. If you’re near a toilet already when you hit a target with its you could’ve lured them in with a coin, if you’re far from a toilet the target might go for the bin. Most targets like Andrea puke in trespassing areas and their guards have a tendency to check up on them while they puke in my experience.

It’s useful for temporarily getting rid of people mainly, for me


Maybe, but I am glad we do have some OP items. Sieker 1 is not really OP in terms of being useful exactly as you want for in ever possible instance. You need to time its use just right, in order to achieve what you want. But it dpes eliminate some steps that proves to difficult, challenging, unstable, what not.

I was not able to do Whittleton Creek SASO before I got the Sieker 1. I did however achieve it after toying around with it quite a few times after.

It’s very powerful, but I don’t consider it overpowered like the electrophone was, because it does bring some challenges with it when using it and is this not a free pass.

It’s powerful because where you used to need a:

  • Consumable that your target is interested in
  • Emetic poison
  • Interesting puke location or route towards it nearby

You can now experiment freely anywhere to achieve interesting results in the third point without needing to bother with the first two. It provides one more shot than the, also powerful, syringe and can be done from a greater distance. But I think the limited ammo and range, the challenging aiming and the highly suspicious nature of pointing and shooting a gun at someone balance it out.

In all honesty, it’s one of my favorite items in the way you can alter routes of NPCs. Depending on how long their original route is, where you Sieker them, who is sick at the same time, you really end up with a lot of possibilities of where to send your target. Combining it with a briefcase fetch makes it even more interesting. Those routes are one of the defining elements of the Hitman puzzle, and when you can change them, you change the puzzle and open a new world of possibilities. The Sieker does that very effectively.

I got the Guru with it but not without risk. The stress I had when using it, all those suspicious markers when I tried using it at the wrong time, the one dart I missed narrowing my chances to only one, showed for me that it’s not OP.


I won’t say it’s somehow overpowered, because it has only 2 shots.
When you know some tricks, you don’t even need this gun, and have no limits :slight_smile:
Personally I used it two or three times over all these years

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I think that the remote emetic device in a briefcase is more OP. Unfortunately it has a bug which causes the NPC to enter a loop, so I don’t use it so often.

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Having it take up the pistol slot and needing a pistol, while starting in a non suit location with no nearby pick up has made me actually use the emetic syringe again, instead of even the emetic grenade. I think it can be considered situationally op.


No, IMO, because I have fun playing with it. Any unlock that I find fun to use - and I’d include the Sieker in that - isn’t overpowered by definition for me.


The mere two darts stop it from being overpowered, I think, as does its limited range. I regularly miss when using it.


It gives you like 20ft on a syringe but it’s also illegal to carry, restricts your loadout, detected by frisk, can be heard if you’re too close… it’s good but I wouldn’t say OP