Is the White Shadow bugged?

The white shadow doesn´t behave like normal suits, it makes trespassing areas hostile, is this a bug or a feature ?

Some suits have unique traits and don’t function like normal suits.

One other suit for example is The Buccaneer.

I think The Buccaneer works like a normal suit in H3. Since The White Shadow shares a lot of the bugs The Buccaneer used to have, it seems likely that it’s bugged as well.


I hope they get it fixed, it´s one of the coolest suits but I can´t use it normally.

Did not know that, I thought they shared the same properties.

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Seems like if you were going for a Ninja type playthrough - you’d want the ‘Hostile Area’ perk in order to experience the stealth one would have to use for being… well… a Ninja.

Used to be, when all we had was the Futo suit, you’d have to bring in a suitcase with the Masamune in it, upon Level Start, remove the Masamune and put it on your back. There. Instant hostile area while wearing the discount Ninja suit.

Edit: But seriously. I almost think that’s what it’s supposed to do, and I personally would like it if they keep it that way. :confused: But I can see why others might disagree.

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Maybe an option to make it hostile would be suitable.

I think the Buccaneer retains it’s unique properties in old maps within H3. I don’t know whether the new maps have any trespassing zones unique to the Buccaneer, though.

I remember testing out the Buccaneer when people first started reporting that the White Shadow was bugged and I doublechecked just now.

The Buccaneer isn’t trespassing at the Whittleton Creek party (in H3) but the White Shadow is. The Crows in Mumbai and that one guard in Paris are enforcers for the Buccaneer, but not the White Shadow.

Those are the bugs I remember the Buccaneer having in H2. Did it have other unique properties?

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The Buccaneer certainly never used to be allowed up to the Parisian auction, and I think he was also restricted from going very far into the NY bank. The church in Sapienza was definitely a trespassing zone, as well.


I thought there were a couple of other things, but I couldn’t remember what they were.

But wearing the Buccaneer, I was able to use the invitation to get to the auction in Paris, could roam freely in the church in Sapienza and get through the frisk points in New York. The White Shadow could do none of those.