Is there a way to delete my cloud save, including the progress in the game ?

I want to start the game from the very beginning again just to experience everything once more.

I noticed that when I enter game, after I deleted the Starter Pack and downloaded the Gold Edition, my save including the progress in game were still there, and there was not the option to delete my former save.

I guess you could request to get all your data deleted:
Although it states there that «this tool should not be used as a game feature to reset your in-game progress», IOI does have to delete your data by law.


I mean, that’s not entirely true. They only have to remove personal data that can be used to identify a person. Unless you can prove that progress of challenges in a game can somehow identify you, it doesn’t have to be removed.

If you just want to delete your save files, it’s not necessary to wipe the whole data from servers.
To delete save files, delete corresponding folders in this path:
C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\IO Interactive\Epic\user-id\HITMAN3
Or if you want to delete all save files, just delete HITMAN3 folder in this path.
Then when launching the game, Epic client will show you a conflict message and ask what to do, you choose Upload to Cloud and your save files will be deleted even from Epic cloud.

If you will proceed to given website, and request a deletion, you will lose everything that you achieved in the game including unlocks. When the process is finished, you’ll get absolutely clean game, like you have only just bought it and never played before.
You just need to know that

Thank you guys for the URL. I played it on Steam, and I was able to find my files under steam/userdata after I turned off the Steam cloud save. The method you guys provided worked well, thanks again.