Is there a way to restart a mission that is in progress

… except restarting PC?

Disconnect your internet. You can then safely go back to the menu when the dialogue pops up. Reconnect your internet and start over.


There is an easier way.
Just launch Task Manager, find HITMAN process there and simply end/kill it.
You’re done

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I deliberately didn’t suggest that because there were multiple people saying that this made them fail the mission/campaign. It seems to work for some people, but not for everyone. Disconnecting the internet seems to safely work for everyone.


I think I tried it one of the first times I played Freelancer, as I recalled something weird happened and the game wouldn’t quit and I ended up in a hospital :frowning: (I’m not stranger to IT so that was my initial instinct). However, disconnecting worked like a charm!

Great! It worked! Thanks

I think this would only be practical if you lost track of time and realized you were late for an appointment and had to kill the game anyway (and didn’t intend to get back in a mission). Or if there was an emergency.

The internet disconnect keeps the game active… Alt+Tab to switch around, then retry the mission if you don’t have to leave.

Well, I haven’t had any issue with Task Manager option since they banned Alt+F4.
Works perfectly for me in any scenario and situation.
It basically works like a crash, like a forced and sudden termination of the app, the process etc.
I can’t imagine any issues with this method and I’m surprised reading that it doesn’t work for somebody