Is there any hitman creepy pasta/horror story?

I always wondered if there is something like is in hitman series .If you have any stories tell.

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Technically if you look at it from the targets perspective, that would be 47. But such a tale wouldn’t make it far.


In the old German Forum there was a Guy who wrote short Stories, called ‘The Victim Diaries’, from their point of view.

One very good i remember was written from the point of view of the guards from You better watch out, or at least i thought it was. Turned out to be the view of Lornes Dog :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I keep expecting there to be something creepy when people post videos of going out of bounds on certain levels but there never is.

How fucking creepy would it be to run into Strandberg in the consulate during a HBOS? And to have him notice you? :scream:


Do you happen to remember the website link?

I tried to make a semi-creepy out-of-bounds video in Whittleton Creek, not anything creepy as that but it is was ok

No i dont remember, but i think the german forum was taken down during the long gap between BM and Absolution :confused:


Only Hugo and the Elk haunt the consulate at night :ghost:

Hugo? Like Klaus Hugo Strandberg? :scream:

Oh I forgot he has a Klaus before that :rofl:
Haunting Klaus sounds even better.

Before I can add anything meaningful to this discussion I have to ask: Why is the word pasta in this thread’s title?

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I take it that you don’t know what Creepypasta is? is a site that have existed since 2008 and it consists of paranormal stories and creepy original horror fiction. If I’m not mistaken the legend of Slenderman started out on this site.


There’s someone/something else in there…? Oh dear…

If he can do this then he can do anything. :grimacing:


Ascending into moose heaven No elk allowed


One could also go so far and call the ghost hunting the closed off wing at Hotel Gallàrd, a horror story. But not a creepypasta, since creepypasta is such a specific term for stories on said homepage. I don’t even know if they have stories set inside the Hitman universe, Contracts Ghost and Absolution’s “Hawaii” could easily fit the creepypasta section.

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A bit random I know but I found it archived, though sadly the pages themselves were not saved.