Is there any plan to add new achievements for systems like steam and epic for Ambrose Island?

I am an achievement hunter and I just got 100% on the steam achievements and I have yet to play the Is Ambrose Island map. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a plan to update the achievements to include the new map.

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im am the same as you i always hunt trophies every games

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If they were going to add them, I’d imagine that they would’ve been added when it launched. Can’t imagine they would add them later…


If they were going to be added, it would have been done at the release of the map, as others have stated. Unfortunately, the days of games getting additional achievements/trophies have long past.

Ambrose Island would technically be a Tile Update for Hitman 3, not separate DLC. At least from the MS/Xbox perspective (I can’t speak for the other platforms), most games would have additional achievements added as part of DLCs, not as part of a TU. Outside of XGS games, I cannot think of any 3rd party games that got achievements for a TU.

This has been an ongoing request from achievements hunters, for games with ongoing support and updates to get new achievements. This issue particularly got raised when Rainbow Six Siege retitles and changed some achievement names and requirements instead of adding new ones.

There is also the question of is it worth adding new achievements vs focusing solely on content to increase player base and retain existing. Hunters would only go back for the short term to complete them (usually through boosting sessions) and then leave the game, where as the larger population do not care about them and are focused on the gameplay and content. Halo Infinite will get new achievements next month for Co-op and Campaign Replay, there will be an increased player count as hunters return to get those but player counts will shortly return back to current levels.

It would be nice if there were achievements for Ambrose, but really it would be the same format as the other maps with 7 achievements for Completing the Mission, Discover All Areas, Mastery Level, two secret one for an unique kill or situation, and probably a third on to replace the Complete All Mission Stories as the map did not have any.


Similar thing happened with Patient Zero. the only time trophies were added was for the expansion pass

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I kinda wish they would have added at least one achievement for Mastery Level 20 on Ambrose Island for Xbox (and by extension also for Steam/Epic, and a Trophy for PlayStation).

But if IOI were going to add achievement(s), it would have been done at the launch of the map.

I’m kinda hoping we get at least one new achievement/trophy for Freelancer, but I wouldn’t bet on it.