Is there any purpose to the cannabis joint?

Is there anything we can do with it?

It functions as a sedative and can be placed inside cigarette packs. From my understanding it’s more of a joke and it unlocks mission challenges.


it’s a lore bit for hawkes bay, i think alma or orson mentions it. no actual use though


But if target smokes it, lockdown activates for some reason. At least in Sapienza.
A bit of a strange joke if it triggers panic :slight_smile:


It seems like the cannabis joint has the same effect as the sedative syringe (Well no :poop: sherlock).

No, no… In that it seems to be a bug in how long it will take for someone to fall over. They might fall over quickly, or they’ll stay there reacting (like the NPC is in a short loop) like they’re about to fall over, but don’t. They eventually do… I’m not sure what dictates the time they stand there and react - to when it’s ‘Nighty-Night’. :sleeping:

The Tranq gun seems to work more instantly and consistently.


Works exactly like a sedative poison for cigarette packs. Can also be abused for the sedative kill bug

I remember these:
Sapienza has two joints and two places with cigarette packs (caruso + franny)
Miami has two joints and two places with cigarette packs (a civilian + a police man)
Whittelton Creek has one joint and one place with cigarette packs (batty)


Thank you so much. Does anyone know where a cigarette pack is in Hawke’s Bay?

There is no pack where you could place it to. Same thing in Dubai as far as I know.


Dubai’s joint has been puzzling me for a while. There must be some point to it. Even if we could give it to someone entirely irrelevant to the main mission (like Sebastian Sato), that would be something.

To this date I haven’t found any place to place this joint.
Usually it should be a sigarette pack. But I never saw one in Dubai, so so far it just useless, because it can’t be used