Is there any way to limit FPS?


Is there any way to enable in-game FPS cap (for example 45 FPS).
It’s possible with external tools like RTSS or Nvidia Inspector, but i need in-game method.

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You could use rivatuner statistics server.

I’ve already said about RTSS and other methods, i know it.
I need in-game method to limit fps by engine.

The only fps limiting I’ve seen in-game is setting the vsync to 2. That just makes it half of your refresh rate.

There is no other way to limit it without external software.

It would be pretty strange if Glacier 2 has no console command for FPS capping.

Really curious why you insist on an in-game method.

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Because external methods will add pretty big input lag.

They really don’t anymore, at least not the good ones. They usually have better frame pacing than in-game limiters as well, in my experience reading/watching sites like Digital Foundry. Crazy but true.

Blur Busters are pretty hardcore and they suggest RivaTuner I’m pretty sure.