Is there any way to witness the scene that plays out with Hayamoto Jr. as he eats the poisoned sushi in “Tracking Hayamoto”?

I recently found out there is a whole scene with animations and dialogue and voice acting and everything. However it seems impossible to actually witness it in the game. There must be some way, it would stand for them to go to the effort if there were no way to see it without using cheats or mods.

If you even approach the hallway leading to the room he is in, with the chef disguise, you will be shot at. Same thing is you try to watch by opening the sliding door out back in the garden.

Of course I would prefer to be able to do it while maintaining silent assassin, but even without it, you could kill the guards but then the waitress won’t deliver the sushi and eventually things will go south before it could even play the scene.

So how did they intend for us to watch, or at least listen to the scene?

I’m pretty sure you can’t witness the whole scene in a regular way: as you have experied, your cover is instantly blow when your approaching the meeting room.

But, if you don’t bother to use cheats, you can use the invisible cheat and stand in the meeting room while the sushi is served, and you can witness Hayamoto Jr death. I remember I was able to do it time ago, out of curiosity.
You can also see the beginning of the meeting, when Hayamoto arrive to the meeting with the yakuza boss. There is also a brief dialogue spoken by both guys, even if they’re talking Japanese.

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I actually found a way to witness it without cheats. The back yard of the house has the big sliding door that leads to the room right behind. If you open it and only go into the room just enough for the door to be able to close behind you, the guard standing there in the room doesn’t mind you. You just can’t move forward towards the meeting, so as long as you keep your back touching the door, you can stand there and watch the whole thing.