Is this considered as a glitch?

When an NPC is drinking from a wine glass every now and then, and you shoot the wine glass and replace it with the micro taser, so he picks up the taser and gets electrocuted. Is this considered as a glitch, or is it accepted as just a cool trick?

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I think it is a glitch or a trick but hope thats a trick

In my personal opinion, it’s a glitch. The metric I use to determine this is “what would happen in a non-AI situation?” If the answer is that the NPC would react the same in real life, it’s a trick. If the answer is that the NPC would act completely differently, it’s a glitch.

In real life, if I shoot your wine glass and replace it with pretty much anything, you’re not going to just pick it up and continue as normal.


Unless you’re super anxious and want to pretend everything’s normal and you got everything under control. :upside_down_face:

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I mean, yeah, unless that, obviously! :wink:

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I don’t really agree with that metric considering how silly the premise of most of the Hitman gameplay is. In real life people would get suspicious about their coworkers going missing after going to investigate a coin, and obvious imposters returning in their place.

That said, this is obviously a glitch. The game uses an arbitrary detection to pick up the glass based on it being the object in that spot, and replacing it with a taser thwarts this (same also happens with poison vials which is hilarious). There’s 0 indication this is an actual mechanic given how the NPCs don’t even hold the taser right and still drink from it as if it were a glass.

Whether it’s considered a glitch is a slightly different question, but still most people seem to see it as one. It’s also a ‘trick’ too though, just as much as muffin boosting is a glitch and a trick. Both are accepted as cool tricks despite being glitches.

Well, I answered for me personally, as always.

I, frankly, do not consider muffin boosts, weapon lures, three-bullet distractions, wine-glass replacements and the like to be “cool tricks”. They’re glitches to me. That’s me though. Everyone else is obviously free to play however they like using whatever glitches/tricks/techniques/whatever they want! :slight_smile:

Reading the above posts, i dont think glitches and cool tricks are mutually exclusive. One can be both.

Intended vs unintended would be a better question.

As for the OP: it’s a glitch, and one that’s banned in Roulette Tournaments, for what it’s worth. Still a cool trick aswell for regular contracts however.


Hmm…perhaps I should test this on Murillo.

That is actually what I wanted to know: is it legal, or can you be disqualified for it. Thanx for clearing that up.

How is it done? Cuz if you shout the glass while they are drinking it, then why would they pick it up? I’m confused.

You choose an npc that has a routine where they drink from a glass, like Jebedia Block in Sgail. When they are away, you shoot the glass, replace it with the taser and trigger it. They will come back, pick up the taser and get shocked.

That’s where you confused me. You said WHILE they are drinking.

Ok got it now. So place the micro taser where the glass would be or place the taser on the glass then shoot the glass thus having the taser fall off the glass?

Where the glass would be. Doesn’t always work, it failed on Marco Abiati

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