Isle of sgail is a very good mission

not sure how any hitman fan could not like it.
where is that country btw? is it a real country?

I think Sgail is a fine mission. Most of the nighttime missions I do like. The only location I can remember is really just “north atlantic” so it may not be any country - just a rocky island in the ocean.

I absolutely hated this location during H2 and avoided it as much as I could. It would be by far the H2 location I had played the least.

But over the last year, even though it didn’t change at all, I warmed up to it and actually enjoy it now.

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It’s definitely satisfying when you can finally nail it silent assassin suit only style, mostly because of Zoe - she’s a nightmare to eliminate with only a suit.

Also, Sgail has some fun mission stories, like the lie detector test. Or voting against Sophia. It’s a memorable mission. It was one of the only two nighttime maps in H2 so for that it still stands out to me a lot

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It is my second favorite map of all time :3

The North Atlantic Ocean, though most think it’s one of the off shore Scottish islands though i don’t actually know if that’s true or not.

The Fandom Wiki says as much. It might say somewhere in-game :person_shrugging:

I similarly did not love this map when I first played H2. In fact, I barely have any time in H2 and never finished it until H3 was released :sweat_smile:

But, after playing it a number of times in Freelancer, I quite enjoy it! I need to go back into the Mission Story and really explore it more! One of the Freelancer safes spawns in a security room I had never been in before :joy:

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It’s one of my favourite maps and like the 3rd one I’ve got the 50 Freelancers kills trophy on. The setting and vibe of that place is just that great. Really the main thing I dislike about it is how the general area in and around the keep is very SASO unfriendly while also having both main mission targets sit there for most of the time.