Issue with starting Virtual Reality

I’m playing on my ps5, I’ve used my VR on other ps4 games on my ps5. I downloaded the ps4 version of hitman 3, it has the VR symbol like the other VR games, But when I launch the game it doesn’t give me a VR option. I know I need the ps4 dual shock and I am using that as well. Can’t find anyone else with this issue, and all the videos I’ve seen people get an immediate prompt to do VR training, and I’ve scoured the whole game and haven’t seen any VR options. It’s the only reason I wanted to play hitman. So to recap, I am using my ps5, but downloaded the ps4 version of hitman 3. The VR1 is hooked up properly with the standard camera, and I’m using a ps4 dual shock controller. I don’t understand what the issue is. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

I haven’t played the PS4 VR for ages, but there used to be a tile on the main menu that you would use to turn VR on. I assume it’s been moved since the January patch when the menu was shuffled around a bit.

At a complete guess they either moved it to the Live tab or it’s been added into the options menu somewhere?

Like I said I’ve scoured the games main menu. And just did again to confirm and I can’t find any VR features.