It was probably been said before but i will say it again

this level design is a masterpiece. seriously, this level is what i have been dreaming off even before hitman blood money came out. so big, so detailed. i love how you have a garage to each of the brands that compete in the race. i mean they could have just made 1 garage but they made for all of them. wow.

and the amount of things you can do in the level. + the amazing visuals of miami. this level is amazing on so many levels.

the best next thing they could make is a football match. maybe disguising as the referee. or if not a match maybe a training session. could be cool


in more thaen 20 characters: yes.

The only thing I’d like to see added to Miami (a’la ‘The Icon’ or any of the other missions with a major but not total overhaul) would be to make use of the Flamingo Hotel. Give it an interior with rooms and hallways (and anything else a hotel would have), and turn on all the lights on the outside (neon too, of course). Make it at nighttime, and have a rooftop party going on. It’d be by special invitation only with a VIP target and one other person, like a PR person or agent or manager.

The Krondstadt building would be the out-of-bounds area, but cars would be moving where the racetrack is/was. The stands and paddock area would probably be closed down… or cleared out. The parking garage area could be where you might start. You could probably unlock a starting location as a guest in one of the rooms in the hotel. The music is blaring and it’s past midnight.

Maybe someday it’ll be a reality if I ever get into modding. Which I highly doubt will ever happen, so…


Ohhhhh now I want that bonus mission!


@Kevin_Rudd any chance you can possibly take a look into it?



…how… is the 20 characters limit gone? ARE YOU A WIZARD???

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He is, in fact, a wizard. But to bypass the 20 character nag just wrap a space in spoiler tags.

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so i wanted to update this thread after i compleated all the challanges. (assasinations,feats,discovery)

yes, while the map is amazing in the level design of it i felt really annoyed with the amount of restrictions in this level.

the costumes and privlages are very very confusing. there are way too many restrictions. and also the people with the dot above them. my god. they are so annoying. even when you are outside among hundreds of people the officers still have dot above them and you are constantly detected. and you need to just run and run and run from them. otherwise you will need to load the save over and over

Interesting… This is my least favorite level. In fact, after years of playing H1-3, I still don’t know this level by heart. That says how often I played it.
Then again, I’m the guy who adores Colorado and think that is by far the best level, so I guess I’m always in minority…

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I also dislike Miami. Mostly due to the race track separating the two sides I find that frustrating to traverse.