Item skins unavailable to new players?

I was just wondering if there were a lot of skin variants that are not available for newer players starting with WOA. That were collected by the grinders of Hitman 2 that did a carry over, or if eventually all the skins would be available?

Be nice if I could get ahold of 2 breaching charges :slight_smile:

Since the WoA repackaging last year, all but the Deluxe pack and H2 Gold Edition DLC content are base-game now. and IO went out of their way to make Elusive Target Arcade not be locked behind DLC prior to the repackaging either.

So unlocks like the Breaching charges are tied to mastery, or otherwise easily attainable via challenges or Featured Contracts. Generally though, you’ll have at least one other reskin of a weapon at least if you’re new once you’ve done a few challenges and maxed out the mastery.

The only truly impossible things to get right now is the Purple Streak suit (was a twitch watch-time event thing, but I find it highly unlikely it’ll stay like this), the ICA Performance Coins and Black Winter Suit (which were tied to 2016 ET completion), while the Aluminium Travel Briefcase (which is tied to 2016 → H2 and H2 → H3 carryover), is a smidge convoluted rather than impossible.

Even ET suits are able to be gotten still, especially right now during ET galore, though the fact you cannot replay them even if you completed or failed them before hasn’t exactly gone down well, especially since some of these ET’s got “Year X” designations. That said, ET’s are for when you know the level fairly well, so I wouldn’t try them right out of the gate.

Hope this helps.


The crate ICA coin in Freelancer is also unavailable. To E’RYONE. :joy:

It’s more elusive than The Fixer!


yes it disappears whenever i select it :pensive:

Thanks so much, and this reply is late
I did get the Twitch streak suit, but those shoes are … hmmmm. Well Its available if I wanna rock it!
I appreciate the thorough response and will just keep grinding.

I was watching some of the old school players on youtube and their inventories are so vast. I wondered if there were a lot of skins for suits and guns that there was no carry over for. It would be understandable if they locked it.

There’s a mod that lets you change the suits’ various accessories colours

I think it’s time to make those Unavailable/Rare items accessible to new players. I mean Why do i have to install a mod to enjoy the Black Winter suit? come on IO. Give us a way to unlock those items.

I am not upset about how things are. I just wanted to know how things are. If I need to use a mod access a suit thats not a big deal. I would kind of understand wanting to hold some items back for the OG players. That or making them attainable sparingly as the purple streak suit was etc.