John Stubbs Non Target kill


So… I do cracked nut but the other guy always dies and gets me a non target kill. What am I missing?

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Here is a video of how you do it :smiley:.


The coconut probably hit the guy where he was talking to

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Yea it did, how do you avoid it hitting that guy he’s talking to or s it luck?


Not sure if this is helpful or not but I got the challenge unlocked with a non-target kill like you said.

I hid in the ventilation control room, waited for them to go under the coconuts, shot the coconuts, they both died, Challenge unlocked, ran to the exit.



I think he wants a SA way of doing it. From his first post it sounds like he should already have the challenge.

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But the video is showing how to get SA, accident kill and no non target killed.

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