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So, I’ve been tinkering with several Hitman stories on and off over the years for future release on fan fiction sites, and there’s one I haven’t begun to write yet, but have been mentally crafting for about a year or two, and I figured I’d share it here to see if anyone thinks it’s viable.

It’s called Hitman: Protégé. It takes place something like five years after the end of WoA. The ICA has been reformed by Agent 47 and Diana, who also partially and unofficially run it, but is still slowly building its way back up to the prominence it once had, so they’re constantly looking for new “talent.” The story revolves mainly around a pair of teenage twins, whose names I haven’t settled on yet, but they’re a brother and sister, with a wealthy, neglectful yet domineering, sometimes abusive father, who they are convinced is responsible in some way for the death of their mother a few years prior. The father is white American, the mother was a naturalized citizen who immigrated from Mexico, so the twins are half-and-half. The boy is the athletic, physical one, the girl is the studious, cerebral one.

One night, at a public event that they were forced to attend for optics to their father’s career and fame, the boy catches a glimpse of 47 sneaking into the building where he shouldn’t be, but thinks nothing of it. Later that night, their father dies in a gruesome accident, and although the twins will be ok financially and are relieved that their father is gone, they still want to know why they are now orphans, and the boy suspects that the man he saw that night might have had something to do with it. So he and his sister start trying to look into the matter, and uncover info that their father did kill their mother, but on someone else’s orders. With the sister’s research and hacking skills guiding him, the brother sneaks into the office building owned by the man they think gave their father that order. Before he finds anything useful, he runs into 47, who tells him at gunpoint to come with him. Meanwhile, Diana hacks the comms to the sister’s computer and tells her to meet 47 and her brother at a special location if she wants her brother to remain ok.

Once they are in a secret location, 47 and Diana introduce themselves to the twins, explain what they do, that they are the ones who killed the twins’ father, that Diana uncovered the sister’s efforts to find info about the man their father knew, that they are also investigating the same man and that’s why Diana spotted her, and that she and 47 started to monitor them to see what they were doing and saw what the twins are capable of. As the twins are only a year away from being adults and able to enter the real world legitimately, they are offered the chance to join the ICA as novices in training, with the chance to right some of the wrongs in the world that they’ve experienced, and if they pass and once they reach adulthood, they would be made a full agent and handler respectively, and could even be assigned to each other as a team. The twins agree and enter the Agency initiate program, with the boy training to be an agent under 47, and the girl training to be a handler under Diana.

The four keep tabs on the man they are investigating, wanting to find proof of his crimes before making a move, as 47’s client did not specify a timetable on the target because they are also unsure of his guilt and want a thorough investigation conducted first, independent of the law so that the man’s money can’t shield him. As such, it’s unofficially decided among the four that 47 and Diana are preparing the twins to eventually take him out themselves in retribution for their mother’s death, and for pushing their father into becoming a monster in the process.

The training includes the boy performing the same play-acted simulations that we see in WoA, with some of the more interesting missions of 47’s own career being the ones presented, with the girl guiding him through them as Diana did on the real missions. Eventually the two are cleared for duty, and after their eighteenth birthday are given their first, low-level contract. It’s a driver license instructor who has been falsifying test scores to let certain people pass or fail based on who is paying him on the side to do what, resulting in all kinds of damage and chaos, but nobody can get any solid evidence because they can’t find the pattern.

The sister makes a false identify for her brother and puts him into the system as having a scheduled test appointment. During the drive, when the instructor is not watching him at the moment because he’s reviewing his notes, the boy drives the car off the designated testing path and to the edge of a deep canal full of water. While the instructor is confused as to why they are there and is looking around to get his bearings, the boy pulls out a suppressed pistol and shoots the guy twice in the head and three times in the heart, wanting to be sure that his first hit is successful. He then pushes the car into the canal and walks away. 47 and Diana are monitoring and following along with the entire mission, and are satisfied that they picked the right apprentices to take over as the top ICA operatives after they eventually retire.

That’s all I’ve thought up so far. Sound like something anyone would be interested in reading?


Sounds interesting.

I think the kill on the driving instructor could’ve went differently.
. . .

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For the context, it’s his first hit, so he wants to make absolutely sure the guy is dead, so he’s a little less professional than the norm by using extra bullets. Also, since he’s just at the literal beginning of his hitman career, he knows he’s never going to be able to pull off the crazy accident kills 47 does, at least not for a long time, so he kept it simple and traditional by just shooting the guy, since they were alone in the car away from witnesses. What kind of death were you thinking could be an alternative?

Damn, I tried to find if there was a thread about this already but didn’t see any!

I did have some things typed out before I added the reply but thought it’d come across as critical.

And maybe this is something more along the lines of what you would’ve thought too… After the fact, that is. Like, 47 could’ve lectured him on how what he did wasn’t the best method.

Anyway… I said it could’ve been made to at least look like an accident. If/when his body is found foul play would be presumed. Then they’d look into who it was he was with during the driving test. Yes. His identity was faked, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that they’d interview people that were at the DMV that day to get a better idea of who it might’ve been – or who to look for. That’s assuming “the boy” wasn’t in a disguise. There’d also be things like video evidence, but we’ll suppose his sister could take care of that with her skills (maybe).

Other possibilities are maybe placing a car bomb for when he leaves in the morning. Get a job as a waiter or cook at the place he likes to have lunch, then poison his food… Maybe something that causes a reaction later so he doesn’t drop dead in the diner.

Perhaps I’m thinking a little too much to the point of becoming impractical. :sweat_smile:

No, no, that’s good stuff, and I did actually think about all that, I just didn’t go into detail on everything I had in mind, I was just painting a basic picture. I only went into detail on the driver’s death to help visualize what this kid is setting up for his first kill and how he does it somewhat excessively out of first time performance anxiety. I already have stuff in mind along the lines of what you mentioned there for what follows and prevent investigations from finding anything. As it is, the boy character will gain more experience over time and start dabbling in accidental kills or suicides and disappearances, and then much, much later, like in his 30s or 40s, maybe attempt outsourcing, but it’s far too early in his career for that, since he’s not naturally gifted like 47. 47 and Diana will tell the twins what they could have improved on and they’ll get better. They begin to look up to 47 and Diana as surrogate parents in a way.

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“looking for new talent” sounds like the antithesis of 47 and Diana. I know that Absolution isn’t exactly Anna Karenina, but I still can’t see either of them playing Fagin. No offense.

Don’t know what that is, really, but I don’t think it’s against what they stand for. They didn’t like it in Absolution because Victoria, like 47, was made for that life and so wasn’t given a choice. If she grew up and decided for herself she wanted to be an assassin, 47 and Diana wouldn’t have a problem with it, so long as it was her choice.

It’s the same thing here. With their new Agency, they need agents in order to complete the contracts that come to them from all over the world. 47’s good, but he can’t do them all, and some of the simpler, lower-paying ones are contracts he wouldn’t touch because they’re beneath his skill set; he goes for the hard stuff. So they need people to take care of the lower-tier hits.

Since they mostly control this new ICA, they have set the standard of what kinds of contracts the company accepts. They don’t go after innocent people or philanthropists that crime kingpins want out of the way; they go after people who have escaped consequences. Those can be criminals who have escaped legal consequences, non-criminal bad people who have avoided social consequences, or even genuinely good people who are trying to do the right thing, but are stepping on a lot of toes and ignoring warnings to back off, thinking that they are too important and well protected to be hurt. Basically, anybody who uses their wealth and power to escape consequences, who think they’re untouchable. The new ICA is about prevention and punishment; justice, not just about making a profit off of killing.

Diana and 47 would want such an operation to continue to keep the world in check after they die or grow too old to continue, and so they would need a sort of “next generation” of hitmen to work for the ICA and make sure it stays on its principles. And by recruiting these two kids, who are on the verge of adulthood and have the right potential, and make their own choice at joining, they feel that they can shape them into being their proper replacements and keep it all going.

That’s the theme to this story idea: 47 and Diana selecting their replacements. Like 47 said at the end of Untouchable, there will always be people like Providence, and so there will always be people like he and Diana to counterbalance them. In this story, they’re just making sure that the next generation is already prepared for it.

I’m definitely interested in stories about the next generation of assassins, living in the world that 47 and Diana have shaped. Do you have any ideas for missions?

So far just the one I’ve described here, plus the final one where they confront the man that their father answered to and the brother demands that 47 let him kill him, but 47 is hesitant because it’s his target. So the brother then says that if 47 gives him one of his own weapons and lets the boy kill the target for him, it’ll be the same as outsourcing because he would only have been able to kill the target with 47’s assistance, meaning it would still count for him and he’d complete his contract while the twins finally get their own personal justice. 47 thinks it over, agrees, then hands over a switchblade knife to the kid.

Haven’t really thought more than that so far, but once I’m further along with other Hitman stories I’m writing, I’m planning to do this one as a follow up.

What are the other Hitman stories you’re writing like?

I’ve got one that’s a crossover with The Big Bang Theory, where the cast of TBBT keep putting out contracts on each other to ICA thinking it’s a joke until 47 starts taking them out.

In another, which I’m writing as a direct sequel to WoA and am thinking will be the preceding story to Protégé, is sort of a Hitman version of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. It’s even named after one of the songs from that movie’s soundtrack, Hitman: Ecstasy of Gold. 47 discovers that his latest target and client were part of a gold heist that is being added to a huge treasure stash of stolen loot that has been building up since World War One, now worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and to finance their new ICA and make it as advanced and powerful as the previous one, Diana sends 47 after the people who have been stealing for and maintaining this stash, so they can claim the treasure for themselves. 47 will also essentially be in a race with other government agencies and criminal organizations that also want the gold to finance their own operations, and he’ll have to kill their operatives to get to the treasure first.

That one will play out in an X-Files format where there are chapters dedicated to this story arc, where 47 will just straight kill his targets with traditional assassin methods. And then there will be contract-of-the-week chapters in between, while Diana tries to locate the treasure. In those chapters, 47 will do his thing in hits that have nothing to do with the treasure hunt, and those will be accidental kills and outsourcing, so we get the full Hitman range, with a lot of colorful characters from all over the globe.

It’s ambitious and I still have a long way to go. I’ve released none of these yet.


These sound great, good luck writing them! I’ve got story ideas of my own, but maybe the fan campaign thread is better for that.


Thank you, I’ll definitely need luck to get these even a little right to how I have envisioned them.

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