July Roadmap (2022)

We have entered July! Freelancer, Ambrose Island, and many others.What will be added and what will be modified. Or, unchanging?Let’s discuss what will be included in the July roadmap.:laughing:


we all know that new map ak the Ambrose island hitting this month so what would i like to see i want to see an subject 47 this summer the ducky suit and the crossover contracts like someone who crate a contract on playstation and xbox user or pc user can play contract that someone made on playstation

From IOI website (May roadmap)

we’re now aiming to release the Freelancer game mode to HITMAN 3 in the second half of 2022.
[For Ambrose Island] We’ve now got that scheduled in for a July 2022 release.

So, it’s confirmed that we’ll get the new map this month, but not Freelancer. In addition, we’ll surely get the usual contents:

  • Featured contracts (maybe two batches)
  • One H3 Elusive Target
  • One or two legacy ET (probably 1 from H1 and 1 from H2)
  • A new batch of ET Arcade

I don’t think, beside Ambrose Island of course, that we’ll get other surprises from July.


I hope this month’s patch adds in a way to unlock the Florida Fit with Gloves, either by just adding a single challenge in Miami (like they did with the Polar Survival Suit in Hokkaido and the Rave-On Suit in Berlin) or by doing an updated version of the Undying ET with a changed voice actor and character model.

Other things I’d love to get (with varying degrees of realistically possibly happening):

  • The many challenges from Hitman 2016 and 2 that were cut out and not brought back in 3 to be added back in.
  • The Aluminum Travel Briefcase being obtainable in Hitman 3
  • The Revolutionary - Year 2 and The Warlord - Year 2 for ETs
  • Hokkaido’s map to be fixed so it properly displays the Zen garden and other areas on Level 1. This has been bugged since launch.
  • Haven Island’s see through walls getting fixed (I really hope Ambrose Island doesn’t have NPCs being able to see farther than normal like Haven had)
  • The Trinity Pack to be available to be bought

Expect the Roadmap on the 7th, the Year 2 Roadmaps have always come out on the first Thursday of the month


That would be such a good idea.
The Undying has a bunch of in-jokes about season 1 in his dialogue (the extinguishers), so an updated version would be great. About the games, season 2 and 3, about the community…

As for July, I can see the Revolutionary as the Hitman 2 ET.

The Live Team said they would be working to close the gap in unlocks. June gave us the Suburban Outfit with the Censor, so I could see Columbia being next.

On Ambrose, I hope it’s this month. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the release schedule is more flexible than thought / end up in the end of July start of August.

Basically, I’m thinking about the Dartmoor Garden Show release slip a year ago.


In my opinion, every game should have some limited and memorable items.Just like other unavailable coins in WoA, it has unique commemorative significance for players who have obtained them. The Trinity Pack is a reward for players who pre ordered games. If it can be purchased, then pre ordering is meaningless.

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Not necessarily. July is technically the second half of 2022. They could surprise us. I doubt this will happen, but it could.

But some people simply couldn’t preorder, for one reason or another. It’s not fair that only those who do a particular thing get a special thing and others don’t. Perhaps the pre-ordering should be meaningless. Perhaps it shouldn’t be tied to a specific window to obtain certain items. I am perfectly fine letting everyone else get access to things that I got for jumping through a particular hoop to get.


The fact you think the pack is a “reward” for tossing money at the game before it’s even come out is proof the games industry has twisted people to fawn over intangible, digital items as “special, exclusive content to be proud of” – all for a single-player game with a few games-as-a-service mechanics.

You’ve had your 365 days+ of owning the pack, who cares if it can be bought now?

They could, but they’d be wasting all their hype to re-market the game in news outlets
The two big things for Year 2 are Ambrose and Freelancer. Releasing them together here would kill whatever hype or expectations for the last 5 months. Nothing to look forward to… unless there’s still something they haven’t revealed yet


This. I have it, but I would wish for people to be able to get it, I felt the same when I wasn’t able to get the requim pack back for Hitman 2016.

It sucks being late to a game and then discover you can’t get half the game because it was time limited. I understand all that fomo stuff devs want to push and force us to play the game, but how about we can purchase it after the games end of life?

There are a few games out there I would toss lots of money at to get all the time limited seasonal rewards and stuff that I missed out because I started playing years after release, and basically now own only half the possible content.

Oh well. Why ranting when it won’t change anyway I just remember!


Unless not all of Freelancer’s campaigns are available right away, which a key placement of words during its original announcement strongly suggests will be the case anyway.

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I guess that could be a thing. But I don’t really see why since Freelancer is going to be a bunch of randomized contracts drawn out of a digital hat.

And this game has that. As you said, the coins and Briefcase are significant because they’re actual rewards for player progression in past games; a “thank you for sticking with the game” kind of thing. However, locking a pre-order DLC to not ever be purchasable is an artificial limitation for the hell of it, and it only exists to drum up very easily avoidable FOMO at launch. I don’t mind limited items either, but they have to have some kind of past significance.

IOI, shame on you for not making the trinity pack purchasable by now. It’s been a goddamn year and a half.


In this roadmap I’m hoping the descriptions of the patch notes are as profoundly complex as chocolate rain.


It’ll happen eventually I guess. It took them a long time as well to decouple the Anniversary Suits from the H1 Definitive Edition release on consoles and give all players a chance to obtain them. That took well over a year didn’t it?


july roadmap never!



Im curious to find out how much Ambrose will cost us. Shouldnt be too much for one map but the 7 deadly escalations were pretty pricey, so im not sure.

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I feel like such a privileged douche when I say this, but it truly won’t matter to me. New Hitman content? I’m paying for it. Price? What price? I don’t care, getting that content is my sole priority.



No, thats perfectly reasonable to me. Its Hitman, of course i‘ll get it. Still im interested with what price they come up with. I can see them doing something funky.


ioi reading your post …