Keybindings, why are they terrible?

The default key bindings are terrible and awkward. Normally this wouldn’t matter in any game as you can rebind things to however you like. But for some reason you have seen fit to prevent a single key from being used for multiple action, while the default settings have 3 separate actions bound to “x”. Why would you bind 3 actions to x, an awkward key to press, but then separate the interact and pickup buttons into “e” and “f” when they could just be context based single button actions? At the very least you could have rolled the drag body action into one of them as a hold action or something instead of making me stretch to “b”.

Now the REAL issue is that when I went to rebind keys to suit me better, all I wanted to do was swap the agility key with the cover key, “x” → “space”… Alas, keys cannot be unbound, or bound if they are already bound to something else. So I am forced to temporarily rebind one of them to something completely off the grid so I can bind the other key first. OH BUT WAIT I CANT REBIND “X” AT ALL BECAUSE YOU HAVE IT BOUND TO 3 ACTIONS SO I GET TOLD ITS ALREADY BOUND TO ANOTHER KEY! SO I AM FORCED TO LEAVE THE KEYS BOUND TO “X” AS THEY ARE, BECAUSE OTHERWISE I WOULD NEED +2 MORE KEYBINDS! Surely I could go into the config file and force the key bindings right? NOPE THAT’S HIDDEN AND INACCESSIBLE!

If you are going to have an awkward key layout, at least let us rebind keys as we like.
If anyone knows any solution for this I would be grateful to hear it.