Kill a target with apple (melee kill)

Hi everybody, I have a question about apple melee kill.
Why when i throw the apple, sometimes it breaks and i can’t use it anymore?
Is there a way to be able to reuse the same apple over and over again?


In HITMAN 3 apples are more fragile than in HITMAN 2.
I think the only way in this case is to use more than 1 apple.
Or to ask developers to reverse apples’ state like in HITMAN 2

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You dont need to reuse the same apple over and over, shoot your target several times to reduce the health bar, then throw your apple.

Try two shots in the legs and one in the chest with the Krugermeier. Something like that.

Though that’s expected and fun. Like I said, in HITMAN 2 apples are much firm and almost indestructible

If we’re talking about food kills, you need Krugermeier foremost.
Shoot NPCs 4 times and for female throw needed food, for males you need to throw apple twice first (here we need more than 1 apple in HITMAN 3, or if you’re lucky you can reuse one apple) and then you throw needed food.
If the needed food is apple, you need to have at least 2 or better 3 apples in your inventory for males.
And in HITMAN 2 one single apple will be enough, that’s the difference


Sometimes, some contracts require a PhD in Hitman science :man_scientist: