Killing targets where they stand (video series)

So I’ve started a little video series of killing targets with the combo kill of my favourite new setup item and lethal item, The crossbow + lethal injection.

I just love getting real close to the target without any kind of isolation and kill them head on in areas where it’s quite rare.

My first attempt was on the Entertainer ET and that gave me the idea to try it on the main targets and ETs as well since then.

So I’ve done these vids on many targets. It’s: SA/SONKO/NO EMETIC/LETHAL INJECTION
and the crossbow is the main reason why I’ve come to love this method.

Enjoy if you decide to watch. :slight_smile: more targets to come.


Nice strategies, I beginned too to appreciate the crossbow, especially when playing Sonko contracts. You think it’s possible to implement some other quick kill with the crossbow, like a push accident?

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wow, had no idea the crossbow could nail 2 NPCs at once. creative strats

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I’m sure you can do that as long as the time permits they are blinded from the crossbow dart.

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Added part 4. This method allows me to kill both targets in the author during their meeting and grab the virus. :slight_smile: