Killing Viktor Novikov in The Safe Room

This was one of the coolest kills i’ve ever done for Vik. Hope you enjoy and can share some other ideas like that :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing this game since this level came out, and I understood about half of that.


This almost doesn’t seem good to watch, just shows how much the AI can be broken :joy:

This just gave me a flashback… I think he goes behind the piano when he’s in lockdown. I once head-shot him from outside with a sniper rifle. It was quite a while before his body was found. And another time I sniped Dahlia a good distance from the helicopter while she was on the balcony where she takes a drink. This one is probably the weirdest since her body wasn’t found for a while on that either. Of course, these were on separate occasions, they might’ve even been different versions of the game (H1, vs H2?).

The only thing I’ve ever done (relatively) fast was Marrakech. insert cheems meme.


Yep! I totally understood the sound distraction on the 2nd floor that brought the guard down from next to the heater on floor 3… that’s about all :joy:


All I saw was chaos that I’m not nearly fast enough to be able to take advantage of but still pretty cool! :sweat_smile::joy::sweat_smile::joy:

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Good to have you back, man. Great post.

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Hey, I remember you.