Las Vegas, A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL (Mission #10) - Discussion Thread

Discussion thread for A Dance With the Devil. Feel free to post your experiences, tips, tricks, opinions, etc… in this thread
It’s over, 47. I’m closing shop on this end. This will be your last assignment. There are two targets. Vaana Ketlyn, a former Romanian circus performer who’s now a big player in the global gray market, and a CIA operative who’s been playing both sides of the fence. Ketlyn’s hosting a masquerade party at the Shark Club, in Vegas, and the CIA op’ll be there to close a deal. Even if this job isn’t a set-up, your presence will almost definitely be expected. You’re our only surviving agent, 47. Find out whoever it is that’s been coming after us. Eliminate both targets - and anyone that targets you - and exit in the vehicle I’ll have ready for you in the parking garage. You’ve been a very effective agent. It’s been pleasant to work with you. I hope the future is kind to you.


  • Kill Vaana Ketlyn.
  • Kill Anthony Martinez.
  • Retrieve the data from computer.
  • Kill Eve.
  • Kill Maynard John.

good level, but one thing, i had to keep going up and down in elavators to reach martinez.

By far one of my favorite levels/maps in the entire series.

I loved how creative A Dance with the Devil was. The Heaven and Hell theme was awesome — having Club Heaven at the top of the building while Club Hell was in the basement was a nice touch. I also was fond of the elevators (I noticed the Club Heaven elevator seemed more calming, while the Club Hell elevator looked like one straight out of Silent Hill).

This level also had, perhaps, one of my favorite suits/disguises to date — The Devil’s Own. I was fascinated by it back then, and I am still as equally fascinated with it now as well. Very happy we get an updated version in WoA.

Lastly — Slasher by Institute for the Criminally Insane has been on my playlist loop for years now. Such a great song.


It’s definitely the most stylish level in the whole game. All of the targets are unique and recognizable, and I loved how some of the targets actually recognize 47 and try to kill him. The ambience of both heaven and hell fits the locations perfectly. It’s amazing how this was pulled off, as it’s pretty different from the other levels.