Last words to the old HMF

Well, most of us know that the old HMF archive is going to be closed not long from now. Let’s say our last words to it.

Mine: Dear Old forum, I never had an account there, but still you keep great memories of all old members. Shame you’re going to become inaccessible. RIP dude.

This thread makes me feel old - the “old forum” still seems like it should be the new forum to me. Had to pull out the wayback machine for this one, but I found a thread from back in 2003 discussing the merits of TNT and Voodoo graphics cards. :older_man:

We used to have to walk through the snow and back to post, uphill both ways.


I did not know you for long, but you made the beginning of the WOA-trilogy to be a great companionship, and a wonderful introduction to the world of Hitman.

Without you, I would not be here. So thank you, Old Forum.

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If I remember correctly, didn’t you have a mustang that you removed the mustang logo and replaced with a fleur de lis?

Out with the old on with the new! Never look back always ahead!!

It’s like when New coke was the old coke but old coke is the new coke. many of you are too young to remember this lol


RIP old forum. We had some good times. I still remember the first time someone sent me to horny jail :kissing_heart:

I don’t have direct memories of it but I know exactly what you’re talking about lol


Good bye old forum! I just entered you as an active user last year and became best new user :heart: that was the best time I had with you! Farewell!


Shall we never forget what made us Iconic. For me it was a duck.


And now people insist you should become a new admin. That’s character development right there.


Hello, I am people :wink:


Dude, thats just horny. :grin:

People also insist that I shouldn’t. Truly it will be a interesting day if that day was to come.

I was merely a child at the ripe young age of 17, now I’m just a child who has to be an adult at the old age of 20.

Hi People, I’m Swang.

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:tada: RIP old forums, we had a good run :confetti_ball:

Thank you to @wincenworks for keeping the legacy safe, all the other staff for moderating all the stuff, and to the forums users for sharing some awesome content and ideas from time to time :relaxed:

I wish we could access it for a longer period tho, as i still didn’t browse everything i needed :sweat_smile:

Anyway let’s make this new forum even greater :hugs:



That’s how I feel about the old forum

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Thank you old forum, for providing me with so many awesome player created contracts in Hitman 2.

I did have a Mustang and i know i posted a photo or two, but if I changed the logo it must’ve been with Photoshop

The thing that I’ll miss the most about the old forum are Glacius’ posts. Farewell, you crazy bastard… farewell.


Holy! I forgot about that machine. My head is spinning. Just found out I joined HMF only 8 days after ampburner did. :smiley: Not that it’s a reason to boast, but that news was even surprising to me, as he was this forum’s founder in my head. Apparently it was a guy called sersun, formerly hitman.

I also discovered I was kind of a jerk and an idiot, even to nice people like you.

My paint skills were especially deplorable apparently.


Damn, that’s 18 years ago…

Looking through some of the posts (not yours), there’s some colorful language to say the least… :laughing:


I remember lurking the forum for years before I joined it because there was actual news and discoveries I wasn’t aware of.

I lurked from late 2016 but didn’t properly join until November 2018. I was slow to interact because I’m used to gaming communities being toxic but congrats for being a good gaming community, there aren’t too many of those online.