Leader board Dartmoor times

I’ve been doing some trending contracts, in Dartmoor one in particular kill the detective by sniper rifle. top of the leaderboard is Juhoon. how does he get 6 seconds SA, without the two security guys seeing the kill. It takes more than that time to get off the bike, get the sniper aim the shot get back to the bike then leave.


Given that trainers and other cheat methods exist, I wouldn’t put any stock in the time shown on a leader board unless there is a video available showing the method. There is a reason that speed run competitions require more than just a screenshot of the final time.


Let me guess…. You’re on pc, right? Lol

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got bored and had a stab at a contract that seemed to match the description here, does this help?

Watch full custcene so detective is more to the left > shoot distraction shot to the right of both guards > kill and leave. With some other minor mechanical techniques that are explained more here.


Wrong PS5.
Never been a fan of PC gameplay, I started gaming when ps2 was released, ps2 slim,then 3,4 4pro now 5.

Thanks for th reply. Now that was impressive

Thanks for the reply