Legacy 47 models with a feature

I tried making an image of this idea, but I just couldn’t find images of 47’s models across the legacy games. Here it goes:

I’m aware of the fact that suits like the Blood Money or Absolution suits are already a thing in WoA. But what if you could also use the models of the past legacy games with an added bonus? What do I mean by that? I’m not exactly certain how hard something like this would be, but as soon as you equip one of the models of 47 for example, and start up a location, a few things would change. For one, sound effects and the music would be from the respective game (door opening, hunted music, shooting, exception would be dialogue between an NPC and 47 or WoA specific sound effects). Another change would be in AI. Not completely switching out the AI, but rather trying to imitate the ones from the legacy game with things like people with the same disguise as you are enforcers (absolution), suspicion meter somewhat based on proximity (most of the legacy games), running is illegal (SA), guards start shooting you immediately instead of trying to arrest you (most of the legacy games), etc.
Maybe even animations could be changed, but that would probably require a little more work.

Of course, not everything should actually be imitated. Point shooting for example would require tons of unnecessary rework of the way 47 works. Also, maps would probably require years of rework to make them look like they’re from the legacy games and also including the fact that the legacy games also have a difference in how the maps look. Another thing that would be hard to do would be changing the look of WoA NPCs to look like legacy NPCs.

To wrap it all up, here are the pros and cons of this idea:
-New players get a glimpse of what legacy games (sort of) felt like
-New ways to play the WoA locations

-Something like this would probably be locked behind a paywall
-A lot of “the 47s” aren’t meant for WoA locations (climbing, sliding, traversing)
-Even without the map reworks, this would probably take a longer time to make