Legacy Featured Contracts - Trouble getting SA/5 stars

IO brought all the featured contracts from H2 into H3 and despite getting SA/5 stars on all of them before, I’m obsessively going through them all again because I have nothing better to do. With a new game comes some changes or a removal of a certain item that may make old strategies no longer work.

Now, I’m no speed running god like some of you on this forum so me having difficulty with a contract may just be me being crap at the game so I thought I may as well ask for assistance.

One I’m having trouble with is Houdini’s Great Escape by PEA. You can find the contract by scrolling over to the third page of featured contracts, at least until they start adding new ones. The contract, while fun, has a very tight time limit of 3:00 and one of the targets that requires a drowning accident does not go to the toilet that he used to go to back in H2 which all the old videos of this contract show. He’s supposed to go to the toilet next to the two people talking about Helmut Kreuger but he heads over to the Shiekh’s bathroom instead which I don’t think there is time for unless there’s some speed strat I haven’t considered. You can get him to go to the right bathroom if you sieker the other guard in the area but there’s no way to do that quickly and make the 3:00 limit. It might be possible because I’ve gotten close and I may just not be good enough to cut down on the seconds but curious to see any new starts for this contract.

I’m also having a bit of trouble with Vatican Privilege by SASO (also on the third page) because I can’t the old glitch where you get on to the church roof to work. I haven’t tested it enough so I may just be doing it wrong. I think there’s other ways to get the priest off the roof though so I’m sure the contract is still possible.

I thought The Electric Slide by Piano_Man (on the second page) wasn’t going to work without the electric phone. The janitor by the janitor starting location doesn’t conduct electricity and it has a time limit but fortunately, there is enough time to sieker him over a bin near another puddle. So yea, still definitely possible even if all the old strats use the electric phone.

Any other featured contracts that you’ve being having trouble with getting SA/5 stars in H3? Share 'em.

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One of my favourite contracts, I’ll try and check it out tomorrow and see if I can find a strat :+1:

If that’s the guy I’m thinking of isn’t he right next to a toilet? If so you could lure him in and use a sink overflow


Yeah, just look up old runs and try to replace them without the ET phone.

Guard AI is extremely different now, the margin for error is much higher, and their alert indicator is much smaller.

Think Master mode difficulty. Ya think I’m crazy but even other members here notice this as well. @Euler13

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Yeah I can get the Houdini one to 3:20 but cutting those extra few seconds off would be tough :sweat_smile: I’m sure someone can do it tho

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Someone on the Playstation leaderboards has a SA/5 Star for Houdini’s Great Escape with 6 seconds to spare so I guess it is possible. Upload your video whoever you are :stuck_out_tongue:

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if some toilet/trash can choices got messed up when porting everything to Hitman 3, since that exact thing happened in Hitman 2.

They shouldn’t have added them in the first place if they changed not only the conditions (Electrophone gone for example) but some NPCs patterns.


I do feel the toilet/trash choice are mostly better in H3. I don’t have any data to back that up but I feel I remember being more annoyed by it in H2. But yes, changes like this make the more time restrictive contracts harder.

Speaking of which, did Rico always use the trash can rather than the toilet if you emetic’d him in his bedroom? Was surprised by that last night.

I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be surprised. I remember a lot of people struggling with the drowning challenge in H2 although that was helped when they realised you could use contracts mode for those generic challenges.

This. NPC routes have changed. I noticed this on a Miami Escalation. I’ll upload it now.

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The person who got the 5 star rating on Houdini’s Great Escape messaged me with a link to his video. Here it is:

Impressive. I’ll have to give it a try


I can’t remember the name, but some joker’s created a contract in Landslide where you have to dress as the priest but can’t pacify or eliminate anyone or you immediately fail the mission. The priest disguise isn’t in the basement in Landslide, so I’m betting the only way to get it is to arrange for Abiati to meet the priest, wait for Abiatti to throw the priest off the roof and then somehow get the body down. Only it’s really frustrating and hard. He falls to the left which is the only direction you can get sniper shots from so you can’t shoot him down, and trying to do it with explosives you can’t see the body and where the explosive will land at the same time. I got so close once with propane flasks I could see his foot from the ground, but I ran out. It takes so long to even set up an attempt that unless anyone has a consistent method for getting him down I might have to skip it.

That’s Vatican Privilege which was a contract submitted with for the April Fool’s theme so joker is appropriate. There was a glitch that worked in H2 to get on the roof:

Don’t know if it still works in H3. I couldn’t get it to work but I only tried a couple times so I can’t be sure. There are 5 star/SA scores in the leaderboards so the contract is still definitely possible.

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I’d rather put a campfire out with my face than to retry this one or Houdini’s Great Escape again on Hitman3. Fuck that. :rofl:

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I actually did manage to do using the method above. It’s a pretty good contract but the time is just too tight, especially with the new puke paths.

No, just no :laughing:

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It’s striking how in tune your nicknames are with the conversation you are having here :smile:

tryagainlater: “Try again”
ColdDayinHell: “Not unless hell freezes over”.

I’m planning to re-do all those contracts as well, but given I’ve done them SA before I just decided to not go for ratings and consider them a way to discover all those new rankings IO devised. Gives me a chance to let go of my SA obsession.


I also did manage to get Vatican Privilege done. The old glitch is usable but I felt I needed to put the breaching charge further back than shown in that video to get it to work. We don’t have the easy electricity phone to complete it straight away but he’ll be isolated in his office bathroom by the time you get the disguise. Just don’t break his neck leading the guard outside in like I stupidly did the first time I got there.