Legacy hitman to Hitman 3 PS5

Hey fellow fans… I’ve bought everything HITMAN 1, 2 addons etc… I have now gone to PS5 and have started to download my ps4 data to ps5! question is did I need to do this? will the data be on my pre ordered account on download? or do I have to have 1, 2 and all other addons to get everything in H3?


Hello, srwlml23. :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t know any detail regarding purchase & progression transfer yet. However, there should be a new blog post from IOI this week. Stay tuned on that one.

Stay tuned for more posts before launch detailing how to carryover your progress from HITMAN 2 into HITMAN 3.


Thanks for that YellowZR1 :smiley:

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As long you have Hitman 2 with all Legacy episodes installed, you should be fine at the release date of Hitman 3.


Thanks CloudMcRip :slight_smile:

One more question please, when I go to order H3 on the ps5 through H2 its not giving me an option to purchase the Hitman3 ps5 version only PS4… Do I purchase that and it automatically gives the PS5 version?

Thanks fellow fans

You can purchase the PS5 version directly from the PS Store on your PS5, instead of going through the Hitman 2 menu.

Yes, you get the PS5 version if you purchase the PS4 version. And you get the PS4 version if you purchase the PS5 version.

But it doesn’t really matter, you get the PS5 version either way.

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Thanks lbbe …

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