Legacy Pack Not Unlocking

I am having issues with the legacy pack not unlocking in H2. I have H1 GOTY installed (link to a screenshot of all of my H1 & H2 DLC) and have opened H1 done one of the intro missions and saved and quit. Then opened H2 however if I go to the store its still saying I need to pay for it. Both games are logged into the same IOI account.

I have already linked my H2 game to H3 (I thought H1 was already linked to H2) so maybe that’s causing the issue?

it should transfer over, not sure what i can do for a solution, but you can see hitman 3 player support website page here: https://ioisupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
if you need, you can submit a request right here:

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