Lesley Celebration Level 3 advice

I’ve been trying to get Silent Assassin on or, heck, even complete level 3 of this escalation and I’ve run into a bit of trouble. The DJ and the guard are both really easy and quick to take out and dispose of their bodies, starting as either the DJ or the bartender. I just cannot for the life of me figure out how to take out Florida Man and Lasse Danegod. They both walk past several secluded rooms with nearby crates/closets, but I have not managed to get either of them to follow a coin even once. Maybe I’m just getting super unlucky? I probably just need a little nudge in the right direction.

I’ve waited for him near the bar side-room, lured him there and dealt with him

For me he was near the entrance to the club where the crate is conveniently present.
Couple of coin fetches and he’s near the crate. You know what happened then

I guess I just need to make sure no one else hears the coins? I have had a really hard time with that but I could keep trying, I guess.

Just bump him to gain his attention, place a coin while he sees it and immidiately pick it up, then run towards the crate, he might follow you (the coin) there, or you’ll need to do the trick a few times.
Or simply apply a weapon lure trick to him.
Here’s the video showing off the tricks

Oh jeez, I never would have thought to try this. Since it’s been in the game since 2, I guess I gotta assume it’s not a glitch, but an intended feature, huh?

Flotida Man I took out near the bar (with the projection?) as well, I took out the nearby bald woman before though, as she could get distracted instead of him.

The other guy I remote gassed from within a briefcase (smuggled the device near the Club entrance). He vomits next to the smuggle point. Had to make sure to gas only him and not one of the women standing with him, as otherwise he would go to the toilet and his body would not be hidable.

I’m not sure how to call this right, but I wouldn’t call it a bug.
Feature, rather

You can also poison Florida man in the bar. Start as bartender and you’ll find him there. Serve him an emetc poisoned drink, he will puke in a bin close to the bar area, and there is a crate near it.

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I could make a video on it if that would help but I’m sure, by the time I put one together MrFreeze2244 will of beat me to the punch. Personally I took out Florida man with a emetic poison drink and he walks to a nearby bin directly next to a crate. As for Lasse Danegod I found just throwing something into the nearby restricted area makes him completely alone minus one crew member you just make sure to knock out before hand. I found the most difficult of the four to actually be the guard with the hobby knife, I didn’t realise the guy on the chair was asleep and dragged the body miles away.

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I wonder why only that guy has a specific kill method, it seems so arbitrary, especially since it’s so easy to find a hobby knife right by him.

I’ll tell you a secret: he already has the video of this escalation live for 3 hours


I knew it, whenever I think I discover something, I learn he made a video on it a few days ago and so on. Figured he would already have a video on this escalation already.

Yeah, to be honest while doing the escalation I was struggling with it a bit and visited his channel for a clue, but it wasn’t there yet and I needed to figure out things on my own.
Well, I managed to handle this hard job

Wait a second, I followed Florida Man around for a while and didn’t notice him drinking at the bar. Which drink is his?

He doesn’t drink by himself, you must serve him a poisoned drink. And you must be disguised as bartender. Personally, I just used the apposite starting location.

You can invite him over as a bartender at the upstairs bar, you need to dismiss the bartender already there and catch him as he is standing at the bar.

Ohhhh he has to manually be served. Thanks for the heads-up, I had no idea that bar was one where you could do that. Can’t wait to hear 47’s really really threatening and ominous customer service lines again.


Just finished this. Got Florida Man with an emetic shot near the bar, he goes to the secluded area then. I was using the DJ outfit so this was pretty necessary.

The other guy you just have to distract into that secluded area when he’s walking by.

Use either the Sieker or the “Remote Emetic Device in a Briefcase” trick on Florida Man, and you should be able to get him into a secluded spot with a convenient body dump crate nearby. If he’s near the drug dealer, he should go vomit alone in the nearby janitor closet. If he’s upstairs near the bartender starting location, he should go vomit alone in the weird little staff only section that seems to serve no purpose except to lure targets to it. If he’s at the bottom of the stairs near the dance floor, he should go vomit alone in the corner where the drug dealer keeps his drugs.

Lasse was pretty easy to lure into the back exit area by throwing some soda cans. But it took some right timing to lure him instead of one of the two club security guards in the area.