Lighting Discussion

You are reviewing a massively downgraded PSVR version of the game, wait for the final result on PS4, guys seriously :joy:


While you may be right as far as the lighting goes, I have no reason to believe the color grading and skyboxes would be different on PSVR to normal releases on other platforms.

It’s possible this doesn’t show the final look of the level because it’s an earlier build (although how much can 13 days change?), but I’m leaning towards this being pretty much what we will be seeing.


well hopefully they apply that bloom removal to Mumbai like we’ve seen

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This doesn’t show the final look of the level on other platforms, that’s for sure. Don’t expect major skyboxes changes however.

I just hope they added settings in the menu to disable some effects and they’ve fixed the fog bug (which doesn’t seem to be the case, because on Dartmoor it’s all over the place).


Really glad to see these documented changes up, something needs to be done about the lighting and object bloom/glare intensity throughout H3, especially on the older maps.

I’ve flogged this image before, but there’s really one too many instances that evoke reactions like below where the lighting has hurt image clarity and does a disservice to each map’s visual legacy (don’t mind the lame pun).


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The flickering of windows or thin objects because of the fog.


Keep in mind they didn’t change any Sapienza lighting in the previews for Hitman 2. Then when it came out it was shocking how bad it looked.

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Wow I didn’t realise this but bloom aside Legacy v2 is actually the best looking version barring the original. The horizon and water just look really nice. GOTY and Lv1 look disgusting, sickening.
Paris I hate legacy wise and love the other two. Bangkok I love legacy the best, Colorado it’s a toss up between original and legacy.
With Hokkaido it honestly mostly looks the same to me, maybe inching towards the original version as the best. GOTY close second.
Marrakesh it’s the original for me. I actually think the legacy version would be better with a little more work, can’t quite put my finger on it though. It’s definitely darker in tone and fits the level atmosphere more in Legacy but maybe a little bit lighter in the market but still dark in the alleys would help it.
One thing we can say is that they got it all right with Hitman 2’s actual levels, except for some missing particle effects on console like the leaves on WC. No need to change the lighting there except for the bloom.

santa fortuna is too grey in the mansion part

Never had a problem with it.

The trees and vegetation on the wall on the right looks way worse than the non VR screen.
Same can be said about this shot.
It’s an earlier build since in the last VR trailer they showed scenes we only had in the form of gifs from a few months ago but why would they use older builds for their trailers?

Same about this
Non VR


And I wasn’t even on the highest settings when making the first shot.

Getting VR run on a PS4 comes with downgrades here and there to get 60fps. I think that should be obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hitman VR on a 2013 console lmao, it’s like a miracle. Bethesda didn’t make it for Fallout 4 VR, and they tried according to Pete Hines. Creation Engine is an old ass thing, so not surprising :smile:


Low res textures in VR, that doesn’t sound like a good combination though I guess it’s better to have low res with a constant 60fps rather than high res and janky fps. If there are those that have a ps4 with a VR headset and will 100% opt to get a ps5 and VR, play non VR on ps4 and wait just a bit longer to play VR on ps5. :slight_smile:


Didn’t they say playing the PSVR PS4 version on the PS5 would also enhance the quality a bit?


Most likely.


Spoilers ahead:

But tl;dr:

NO Bloom/Lighting settings in menus, and “that same, often excessive bloom effect, still presents itself in all the same places”.

Sapienza looks identical:

At 6:42 the godrays in Paris look even more excessive and out of place.
Really extremely disappointed by this.


I thought IO devs visited the forum for feedback, what things work and don’t work, what things need tweeking and what should remain as is. Guess in the end it’s for a good laugh.


I never play 2 without 3dMigoto. I’d have lens flare and bloom settings over elevators, dual wielding, or pc vr…
but I rarely see them brought up outside of this thread :frowning:

And please tell me we can turn THIS down