Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract Title: Santa’s Shutter Shutdown
Santa is soon surfacing in Paris and the paparazzi are preparing posthaste! This pack of photographers are acting as proficient Kris Kringle-catchers, combing the capital’s corners, craving candid captures of the crimson-clad Christmas icon! Swiftly silence these shutterbugs before they snag snapshots of Santa, jeopardizing the jolly giant!

Brief Description:
All four targets are photographers or cameramen at the fashion show. A bit of a tricky contract, all targets start in the crowd entering front door. They are always around people, never isolating themselves, so players will need to be creative to get them alone. Personally I found that if you just emetic all of them, you can still get out in about 2:30, but I’m curious to see how people could crack it. Rather than trying to solve a mystery, I interpreted the theme as trying to KEEP the mystery of Santa under ‘wraps’.


Contract ID: 1-02-6000235-82
Platform: Steam
Submitter name: Casetros