Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract Title: Imposter Elves
We have tracked down Santa’s workshop in the icy glaciers of the North Pole. Three wanted fugitives have had cosmetic surgery to look like the elves, where they are now blending in among Santa’s helpers. Your goal is to locate and eliminate these imposter elves before they slip away forever.

Brief Description:
My last second Hokkaido submission, an accident contract with a bit of a puzzle. Heita Ozawa and Jason Portman are very easy targets who are there to make the player find angles and timings, Takuma Fukui is the tricky target. Even though he is a guard, he will not pick up tasers since he is escorting a VIP. The fastest way to get him (I think) is with the falling icicle in the courtyard, but it is difficult to get him directly underneath it. You can also just emetic him, but he will take a long time to get to a bathroom. This way, its still easy for casual players, but tricky for speedrunners. There are multiple viable starting locations, including starting with only a sniper from the ninja start.

Suggested image to be shown in game, or a description/prototype of one:

Platform: Steam
Submitter name: Casetros
Contract ID: 1-37-1553791-82