Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

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Contract ID: 2-15-9972683-98

Contract Title: The Death of Halloween

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: Psycho_weed_man


Ever wonder why Christmas adverts start mid October well it’s simple every October the jolly man in red gets rid of every one who makes Halloween adverts this year the fellows on the x-mas chopping block Craig black and James king happy holidays and remember put your decorations up mid October next year

Targets: James king Craig black

Map: sapienza / the author

Items used: the ica19 iceballer the explosive Xmas gift and the Santa 47 suit

I doubt this will get added but worth a shot I guess thumbnail suggestion

Edited for better picture quality providing more details about the contract and to be less messy


Hope we’ll get Holiday Hoarders & Snow Festival contract mode today :pray:


Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:

It seems like the target has been resisting the need to go to the bathroom for a long time.
Let’s help, 47.

Brief Description:
The non-English descriptions on the in-game screens are in the language of my country.
The stage is Mendoza, and the target is the asado chef, younger brother.
He does not easily try to go to the bathroom.
Can you get him to the bathroom safely?


And Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Screenshot Summary


Contract ID: 2-29-7707228-54

Contract Title: The Bullet Paradox

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: GlogolZ


Good evening, 47!

Your target is to eliminate two targets, two of which must be killed with a falling object. As the client put it, Agent Green is a “sub-target”, whatever it means.

Good luck, 47!

Brief description:

This contract requires the agent to eliminate three targets. One is on the roof of the club, and two are walking around the food court. On those two you need to drop something heavy, while not shooting at anything other than people.

To do this, you need to use a sniper rifle with the ability to shoot through bodies, and then use the body of Agent Green, through which the bullets will hit the cables, since you can shoot at bodies, but not at objects.

Suggested image:

ID was changed cause I recreated contract to make “Perfect shooter” optional and correct briefing


Welcome back @GlogolZ , this puzzle contract is going to be unique, something to put at ‘Things about Hitman you just found out’ page.
I still remember your head scratching fun contract - Romeo & Juliet :smile:


Contract ID: 2-26-4063508-09
Title: The Vanishing Diver
Platform: PS4
Location: Haven Island
Submitter: Steynkie69


  1. BBQ guy
  2. Woman in pool
  3. Diver
    (Villa area)

His wife told him NOT to do it. That diving spot was cursed. But when she left to powder her nose, the merry diver took the plunge…never to surface again! His body was never found, and to top it all, his wife ALSO vanished…along with the BBQ guy, who dared him to do it.
Can you solve the mystery, 47?

3 explosive device kills, no pacification, and all bodies must be hidden. Any disguise.
This is a cool mystery contract, and very easy once you figured it out. I took advantage of a hidden trigger in the game, that not many players know about. The briefing basically gives it away, and its quite satisfying when you pull it off! Tested it several times, and I got SA in 2 mins.

Proposed screenshots:


Contract ID: 3-12-4566542-69
Title: Santa For Tuna
Platform: XBOX X
Submitter name: OZZYGRL

I have made this contract so even new players can achieve a SASO rating. The puzzle is trying to figure out how to kill the soldiers in the middle of the village without being spotted. All the tools you will need are on the map.

A possible pic for cover art.

I noticed I missed an N in the brief so I will write it out for a copy and paste.
Santa wants some high grade tuna for his annual sushi staff party. Ironically he is told the best tuna comes from Santa Fortuna Colombia. When he arrives he noticed a few of the soldiers there are on his naughty list. He decides their Christmas is going to coming early.


Contract ID: 1-34-9010346-51

Contract Title: Chestnuts Roasting

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: ChannelJoined


Yes I decided to be funny with the briefing but I had no other briefing ideas

Brief Description: Decided to make a half puzzle fire contract and name it after that one Christmas Song everyone knows with the whole “Chestnuts Roasting on an open Fire” thing

Suggested image to be shown in game, or a description/prototype of one:Probably something along the lines of one of these

Amar Chanda: This Green Shirt Guy playing chess up by Central Social Hub Start

Mortie O’Regan: One of Noel’s personal guard. (The one on the left in this pic)

And lastly
Sri Narasimhan: Everyone’s favorite oversleeping Chef


@linux_penguin my contract


If this is a submission, design it according to the template in the initial post of this thread


Hey but just wait a minute. Does November have 31 days?


Oops, consider that fixed

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Some people are joking that August has at least 90 days in my hometown.
They still have 20+°C even now


Contract ID: 1-15-4127597-93
Contract Title: Santa’s at work
Platform: Steam
Submitter name: Mruzakan


Renardo обожает играть в игру Хитман снайперский челлендж, подарите ему снайперскую винтовку.
Andrea нравится плавать на его надувном крокодиле и он всегда мечтал стать дайвером, помогите ему научится задерживать дыхание на долгое время.
Гринч вместе с ненастоящим Сантой хотят испортить рождество, подарите им “Рождественское чудо”, чтобы избежать это.
Удачи Санта 47.

En (A translator was used, you may need to tweak something)
Renardo loves to play Hitman Sniper Challenge, give him a sniper rifle.
Andrea likes to swim on his inflatable crocodile and has always wanted to become a diver, help him learn to hold his breath for a long time.
The Grinch along with the fake Santa want to ruin Christmas, give them a “Christmas Miracle” to avoid it.
Good luck Santa 47.

Brief Description:

В этом контракте четыре цели. Две из них спят и вам нужно подарить им подарки в костюме Санты. Первому снайперскую винтовку, так как у него на компьютере запущен Хитман Снайпесркий челлендж. Второго нужно утопить, так как у него в ванной есть надувной крокодил, из-за чего я подвязал историю будто он любит плавать ан нем и всегда хотел стать дайвером.

Другие две цели это братья сантехники, но в этом контракте сантехник в зеленом это Гринч, а в красном это ложный Санта.Их нужно взорвать с помочью подарка который в брифинге я назвал “Рождественское чудо”

Во время всего контракта нельзя быть замеченым, записаным на камеры и менять маскировку.

There are four goals in this contract. Two of them are asleep and you need to give them presents in a Santa suit. The first one needs a sniper rifle, as he has a Hitman Sniper Challenge running on his computer. The second one should be drowned, as he has an inflatable crocodile in his bathtub, because of which I tied up the story as if he likes to swim in it and always wanted to become a diver.

The other two targets are the plumber brothers, but in this contract the plumber in green is the Grinch and the plumber in red is the false Santa. They need to be blown up with a gift, which in the briefing I called “Christmas Miracle”.

During the whole contract you can’t be seen, recorded on cameras or change your disguise.


Хотелось бы изображение того, как 47 в костюме Санты кладет подарок рядом со спящим NPC, или кидает его в братьев сантехников.

I’d like an image of 47 in a Santa suit putting a present next to a sleeping NPC, or throwing it at the plumber brothers.


Additional Notes

Если вам покажется, что обязательный костюм санты и подарок бомба лишние, то можете их заменить на просто костюм и взрывное устройство.

If you find the obligatory Santa suit and bomb gift superfluous, you can replace them with just a suit and an explosive device.


Contract ID: 3-15-0204315-69
Contract title: 47’s “Real” Santa
Platform: XBOX
Submitter name: OZZYGRL
Christamas list 2022
Dear Santa. For Christmas this year I would like a new baller.
I want it to be made of ice.
I would use it to make your naughty list smaller.
Now wouldn’t that be nice.
A few homemade snowballs would help me knock-out the competition.
And a ripe banana to keep up my nutrition.
I have been an extra good assassin this year.
My track record shows that pretty clear.
I have left you out a muffin.
So enjoy it on your long journey.
I know hauling that bag gets you puffin.
I dont want you ending your night on a gourney.

Scene: Diana sitting enjoying a muffin, smile on her face. Letter on the table. Thinking…Like all of us, 47 still has a little child in him when it comes to Christmas.

Brief description:
I made this contract to be a retrospect of a few things 47 recieved in 2022 to use in 2023.
The targets are spread out around the map because I want the players to view Sapi at night. All kill methods can be found on the map so even new players can accomplish this with a SASO score.

A few ideaa for cover art.


Contract ID: 3-22-8210931-69
Contract name: Santa buddy
Platform: XBOX
Submitters name: OZZYGRL

This is just a fun easy contract to go along with one of my favorite Christmas songs. I used objects mentioned in my version of the song for some of the kills.

Here is a photo with all the weapons I mentioned. Can be used for the the Thumbnail art. If you like.


Contract ID: 3-29-2178854-61
Contract Title: Elves Strike Back!
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Skelly
Briefing: Three of Santa’s elves have gone rogue, joining up with the notorious biker gang Ragnarok Disciples. Putting their skills to use, they’ve been illegally modifying the gang’s motorcycles, and ramping up cocaine production. Eliminate these rogue elves and ruin these bikers’ holidays.
Brief Description: Pretty simple contract, aimed towards the “merry” aspect rather than “mysteries”. There’s an obvious path to getting Silent Assassin, but going fast will require some planning ahead.
Suggested image: Something similar to this, with a Santa 47 preparing to eliminate one of the elves.


Welcome Skelly. Good luck


Contract ID: 2-26-9768590-09
Title: Dance Electric
Platform: PS4
Location: Haven Island
Submitter: Steynkie69


  1. Vetrova (roaming)
  2. Aruna (jet ski roaming)
  3. Jason (roaming)
  4. Preston (in pool)

3 guys were having a merry party in their hut, but it got so loud, that Vetrova switched off their power. Furious, they started a weird chanting and dancing in a circle. Suddenly there was a loud thunder CLAP, and they all fell down, dead. Later, Vetrova’s lifeless body was also found.
Can you solve the mystery, 47?

4 electrocutions, no pacification, suit only. Just 3 targets to work with, Preston is a bonus. This is a fun merry mystery, where timing and distraction is vital. You dont need coins, an apple and a briefcase will do. Electrocuting 3 targets at once…it never gets old! Tested it several times, and I got SA in 3 mins.

Suggested screenshots: