📝 List of Elusive Targets Threads

I was wondering the frequency of Elusive Targets till date (including Hitman 1,2 and 3) and here it is -

ET Frequency
The Fugitive 5
The Gunrunner 4
The Black Hat 4
The Food Critic 4
The Chameleon 4
The Bookkeeper 4
The Entertainer 4
The Stowaway 4
The Prince 3
The Twin 3
The Broker 3
The Fixer 3
The Identity Thief 3
The Ex-Dictator 3
The Chef 3
The Angel of Death 3
The Blackmailer 3
The Warlord 3
The Surgeons 3
The Badboy 3
The Revolutionary 3
The Politician 3
The Serial Killer 3
The Deceivers 3
The Collector 3
The Iconoclast 3
The Liability 3
The Heartbreaker 3
The Procurers 3
The Rage 3
The Forger 2
The Congressman 2
The Sensation 2
The Pharmacist 2
The Guru 2
The Paparazzo 2
The Undying 2
The Appraiser 2
The Undying Returns 2
The Ascensionist 2
The Wildcard 1

Also here is the chronological order (and source of above data) -

Start Date Oldest to Newest ET
13-May-2016 The Forger
27-May-2016 The Congressman
8-Jun-2016 The Prince
14-Jun-2016 The Sensation
1-Jul-2016 The Gunrunner
15-Jul-2016 The Twin
21-Jul-2016 The Wildcard
5-Aug-2016 The Broker
26-Aug-2016 The Black Hat
16-Sep-2016 The Pharmacist
12-Oct-2016 The Fixer
21-Oct-2016 The Identity Thief
1-Nov-2016 The Ex-Dictator
18-Nov-2016 The Chef
2-Dec-2016 The Angel of Death
16-Dec-2016 The Guru
30-Dec-2016 The Food Critic
12-Jan-2017 The Sensation
13-Jan-2017 The Chameleon
26-Jan-2017 The Gunrunner
27-Jan-2017 The Blackmailer
10-Feb-2017 The Warlord
24-Feb-2017 The Surgeons
17-Mar-2017 The Bookkeeper
7-Apr-2017 The Paparazzo
5-May-2017 The Badboy
23-Jun-2017 The Fugitive
14-Jul-2017 The Entertainer
17-Nov-2017 The Forger
1-Dec-2017 The Congressman
15-Dec-2017 The Prince
9-Feb-2018 The Twin
23-Feb-2018 The Broker
9-Mar-2018 The Black Hat
23-Mar-2018 The Guru
6-Apr-2018 The Fixer
20-Apr-2018 The Identity Thief
4-May-2018 The Ex-Dictator
18-May-2018 The Chef
1-Jun-2018 The Angel of Death
15-Jun-2018 The Food Critic
29-Jun-2018 The Chameleon
13-Jul-2018 The Blackmailer
27-Jul-2018 The Warlord
10-Aug-2018 The Surgeons
24-Aug-2018 The Bookkeeper
4-Sep-2018 The Fugitive
21-Sep-2018 The Paparazzo
1-Oct-2018 The Badboy
12-Oct-2018 The Pharmacist
26-Oct-2018 The Entertainer
20-Nov-2018 The Undying
21-Dec-2018 The Revolutionary
25-Jan-2019 The Appraiser
8-Feb-2019 The Fugitive
8-Mar-2019 The Politician
29-Mar-2019 The Black Hat
12-Apr-2019 The Prince
3-May-2019 The Undying Returns
7-Jun-2019 The Deceivers
28-Jun-2019 The Entertainer
19-Jul-2019 The Badboy
2-Aug-2019 The Chameleon
16-Aug-2019 The Identity Thief
30-Aug-2019 The Gunrunner
13-Sep-2019 The Blackmailer
27-Sep-2019 The Angel of Death
11-Oct-2019 The Warlord
25-Oct-2019 The Serial Killer
22-Nov-2019 The Fixer
6-Dec-2019 The Chef
20-Dec-2019 The Stowaway
17-Jan-2020 The Undying
14-Feb-2020 The Revolutionary
13-Mar-2020 The Appraiser
10-Apr-2020 The Politician
23-Apr-2020 The Serial Killer
15-May-2020 The Stowaway
11-Jun-2020 The Undying Returns
26-Feb-2021 The Deceivers
19-Mar-2021 The Stowaway
9-Apr-2021 The Collector
23-Apr-2021 The Politician
12-May-2021 The Iconoclast
4-Jun-2021 The Black Hat
17-Jun-2021 The Liability
2-Jul-2021 The Twin
30-Jul-2021 The Heartbreaker
20-Aug-2021 The Entertainer
3-Sep-2021 The Procurers
17-Sep-2021 The Food Critic
1-Oct-2021 The Ascensionist
15-Oct-2021 The Bookkeeper
29-Oct-2021 The Rage
12-Nov-2021 The Fugitive
3-Dec-2021 The Ascensionist
10-Dec-2021 The Collector
17-Dec-2021 The Iconoclast
24-Dec-2021 The Liability
1-Jan-2022 The Heartbreaker
7-Jan-2022 The Procurers
14-Jan-2022 The Rage
4-Feb-2022 The Heartbreaker
25-Feb-2022 The Broker
11-Mar-2022 The Collector
29-Apr-2022 The Deceivers
6-May-2022 The Fugitive
13-May-2022 The Bookkeeper
27-May-2022 The Iconoclast
3-Jun-2022 The Serial Killer
10-Jun-2022 The Gunrunner
1-Jul-2022 The Liability
8-Jul-2022 The Revolutionary
15-Jul-2022 The Food Critic
5-Aug-2022 The Procurers
12-Aug-2022 The Ex-Dictator
19-Aug-2022 The Chameleon
9-Sep-2022 The Rage
16-Sep-2022 The Surgeons
23-Sep-2022 The Stowaway

Data Source: Elusive Target | Hitman Wiki | Fandom
Updated: 21 September 2022