Little question regarding Whittleton Creek

I have a little question regarding Whittleton Creek.
Why is there so many undercover guards ? I mean, practically every dustman or even simple civilian is armed.

Are they part of Nolan Cassidy’s team to protect Janus ? Or is there something else ?
I’m not a new player of the trilogy but even when I first did the map on 2018, I didn’t understand why there was so many undercover guards.
Thanks for your answers !

I don’t know if there are any spoilers but just in case… :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure they are of Nolan’s team, but they are on the guard of an ex-constant indeed


Thanks ! I was thinking of something like that and now that I remember, some of these guards talk about him and cigarettes I think so, in fact, they might be related to him.