"Load Failed" How do i fix this?

I’m on PC, Windows 10 (latest update), just bought and installed Hitman 3 from Steam and “ported” old game data before I played. Played through the first map then closed the game for the night. This morning I started to play and when I clicked on the next mission it gave me a spoiler warning saying that I should play the previous mission first… so this was confusing. I decided okay, I’ll just load my last save, finish that mission, then continue to the next mission and maybe that would make it realize that I haven’t skipped ahead. When I tried to load my last save it said “Load Failed - Cannot load session” so I tried to load the autosave and again got the same “Load Failed” message. I’ve tried closing the game and restarting but it does the same thing. It shows my saves to choose from but just won’t load them. I’m wanting to fix this, not ignore it.

Try to start a new game, save, and load. Sometimes saves are corrupted by updates either unintentionally or possibly even deliberately with the latter being the result of an update that eliminated an exploit or something.