Loading saved game causes the game to crash!

Can’t seem to get SOME of my saved games to load (the more recent ones). After clicking on a saved game, a loading screen pops up and before the bar completes, the game crashes to the desktop with no error.

I tried loading one of the auto save slots, it loaded up so I saved it manually. I then tried reloading it and it wont load, crashes while loading (the original autosave of that file just loaded!! wtf).

The older saved games do load up but that means I lose my progress.

So is there a limit on how long I can play the game and how many items I can carry? My game has been going on for almost 4.5 hours and I have collected a lot of items (I do it this way to complete as many challenges as possible without restarting).

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Isle of Sgail, 5950x, 3090, 64gb, nvidia, epic and hitman 3 all updated