Location Tier Lists (Both User Submitted and from Other Sources)

Warning! I don’t usually go for SA/SO during H2016 and H2, so a majority of the maps are ranked through how fun it is to mess around in. I also have’t finalised my ranking, so some things might be changed.

"I should clarify some of the more weird choices:
  • Bangkok is put in C?! Did you mistake C with D?
    Doing SA/SO in Bangkok is a nightmare ;There’s very little room for routes and improvisations. The ones I have seen are exploding ball on the room below the recording mission, taking out Cross by going into the recording booth, poison the middle plate and chandelier-drop on Ken Morgan. But to me Bangkok shines more when you’re messing around the place.
    I know not a lot of people play like this but back when I started playing 2016 I didn’t care for SA/SO and just run around the map, killing people and getting away with it. It was very fun to mess around in. Now there are more maps and missions which are arguably better than Bangkok but it still holds a special place in my memories.

  • Another life gets a B?! Are you serious?
    Whittleton Creek is very lacking when compared to other maps. I guess I just like the feeling of it. A suburban neighbourhood that has a grumpy old ex-KGB spymaster living his retirement in peace.
    I also like messing around in it. I don’t usually go for SA/SO during H2016 and H2. (I try to now in H3) so a majority of the H1/H2 maps are ranked through how fun it is to mess around, which is why Whittleton creek is ranked higher than most.

  • Training maps are ranked in B?
    Excluding freeform training, I feel like Cuba ad-nd Hawke’s bay are provide a lot of freedom and space to discover and tinker with the game. They might not be the best learning tools but they do the job well. They are also really fun for contracts.

  • Why is Himmelstein ranked so low?
    I didn’t really liked sniper assassin. They felt more like a chore to play than being fun.

  • What’s wrong with Colorado?
    I have only managed to play Colorado to mastery level 20 (In H2016 and H2) so I haven’t played much in it. This is very likely to change but from what I played there is very little about this map I enjoyed, Especially with 4 targets which makes replaying Colorado a chore. I think it might be better to have the other targets (Ezra, Maya and Penelope) be like Apex predator, where you can choose any one of them to eliminate and spare the rest. (Since Rose is the leader of the camp and the other targets do not have as much influence on the camp, so killing Rose and another member could be enough to cripple the camp) It might allow us to have more variety in SA/SO routes for the map.

I haven’t done a lot of “messing around” in Colorado so I can’t say anything about that yet. I only remember using Wicker man and killling everyone, escaping using the dino scooter (vroom, vroom, vroom, ding, ding, ding).

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The main mission is one of the worst main missions imo,but it shines more in contracts mode.I really like the atmosphere and the layout of the map is interesting and unique.

I thought everybody knew that,so it is not a weird choice.If you asked me I would say the weirdest choice you did was not putting Sapienza on the S tier.

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I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

I thought there were a lot of people who love Colorado, or at least a 50/50 since I have read many people on the forums who expressed their love for Colorado. So I made that statement thinking I am in a minority of people who did not really enjoyed it as much.

As for Sapienza, the virus really holds down the level. (Also the fact that I am a bit burnt out on it)

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This List is False and you know it. (And not because Colorado is the highest.)


I liked Romania alot for what it has to offer, reminded me of the train level in Uncharted 2 for how linear it is, and this is what makes it great.

Santa Fortuna is there just for how beutiful it id tbh, this map just looks incredible, I can just sit down and walk in it for hours and be amazed by the beuty, if Hitman 3 ever gets a ray tracing mod thats the only map I care to see how it looks.

Never understood any of the hype behind Paris, it is decent at best, not a bad map, but I can’t see how it is good or top map in WOA.

Same thing applies to Miami, but with Miami I kinda get it, still don’t like it.

Dubai is awful, I hate it, got my worst map of H3 award without trying, and why do I think it is awful? I don’t like the way it is structured as a map.

Mumbai is bad and yall know that, its way too big, I spend most time just running in it.

That explains it all?

Fixed it for ya.

No, but seriously. What you said about Santa Fortuna is what most People think of Mumbai, while Santa Fortuna is increditble detached.


Lmao, but Santa Fortuna’s colors are just beutiful to look at, while Mumbai… is Mumbai… not that this map is all bad, it has one of the best targets in the series, Wazir Kale, but the map itself, goes to the bottom.

Chongqing, Haven, Dubai, Mendoza, Sapienza disagree with that.


Okay, the Colors are a valid Point even though I take Mumbai everyday above it, though you haven’t really acknowledged my Point about the dettaced Areas. Mumbai has practically none, except for possibly the Workshop near the Homeless Tents, though it still lies between Shah’s and Rangan’s Place.

Meanwhile Santa Fortuna has the Construction Side that can be navigated from the Front or a way to hidden Backentrance or the Taittas Hut, which is on the other Side of the Map.

In General, Santa Fortuna has way too many Places that aren’t connected to each other or hardly passable.

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Best to worst
H2:Mumbai-bank-maldives-vermont-sgail-colombia-hawkes bay

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Bruh, I dislike Mumbai and like SF, that is about it, Santa Fortuna being disconnected makes it much more organized for me, traveling in it is much easier than Mumbai, in which I still get lost in.

Respect your opinions m8

Interesting that most people ranked Carpathian as shit tier.

Though I don’t really hate it, I can see why people do that.
It is not a bad level, but it is my least favorite one in H3.

The issue with Santa Fortuna is, there are lots of connections between areas, above and underground, but they’re very obscure, like climbing some plants that you’d just have to know about, which would require extensive playing which is indeed running around aimlessly.

The main issue was stuff like ‘hero of santa fortuna’ or ‘feed the hippo a 3 course meal’ that fell along the line of the removed sgail challenges where it’s not fun to do at all.

It’s filled with all sorts of interactions and events that alter the run though, which is done really well, while lacking in mumbai. (i guess if they did a H3 version, maelstrom would be id’d on a replay)
And maps like Santa Fortuna could have a starting point like Dartmoor ‘>> after unveiling’ or something.

What? The only thing that alter routes/get targets to meet is the statue. Other than that, they never leave their respective fortresses. Mumbai has ways to make all combinations of the 3 to meet


I think those bad challenges got removed in H3. Plus there’s no reason to have a >> location for the statue since it’s just one opportunity.

If they IDed Maelstrom on replays that’d suck. The mystique of that character’s route is that he has lots of hidden triggers and reacts differently depending on if he’s IDed or not. Doing that would strip away the mystery.

I would like if snapping a picture of him would ID him for the option of an easy ID but making it automatic would suck ass. It’s such a bad idea MrFreeze approves of it, and his taste in Hitman levels is shit.

It is a scam of a level.

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This one’s pretty solid for me and isn’t anything out of the ordinary for most people, I reckon. These choices are based on gameplay, the mission itself and the aesthetics of the maps.

  • S: excellent. These are my favorite maps by far and are hard to beat. The gameplay opportunities are the greatest and the aesthectic hits the nail on its head.
  • A: great. I enjoy these a lot. Theyre pretty close to excellent. These are the more ‘laid back and enjoy’ maps with a touch of challenge for me.
  • B: good. I enjoy them, and like to replay them, but theyre not as close to heart as the others. The difference with these is that I’m not really longing to play them, but once I do, I am enjoying myself fairly well.
  • C: ok. The maps are not bad but they sometimes let me down in some ways or confuse me. I don’t hate them, it’s just that there are far more better maps. Once I play them its fine, but not 100% satisfying.
  • D: meh. Not really my cup of tea. These are the kind of maps that are acceptable to have mainly because there are a lot of better maps that come along with it. I’m also sure these maps could’ve been done better if more time was put into them.
  • F: bad. I don’t like these, and they disappointed me. Boring gameplay. Limited freedom of approach. Not much to do. Should’ve been executed in a completely different way, or just not done at all.