Looking For New Agents – the all new story-contract [giveaway]

We have H3 for one month now. Really like it so far. Hope you do it, too. To celebrate this, I decided to make a different kind of contract. A contract where you have to find the clues to play it. Be warned: It won’t be easy. At least the way to the contract. The contract itself isn’t that hard.
All you have to do: Follow the clues, pay attention to details – and have fun. Of course you can also discuss the riddles in here.
Don’t bother just looking up the contract without solving the riddle. Of course: You can play it. But you can’t win anything that way. Because there’s a catch that you’ll get when you reach the end of my scavanger hunt.
After two weeks I’ll collect all the right answers sent to me and choose five winners randomly. Each one of them will get a $ 20 gift certificate from Amazon (I know: It’s an evil company – but it’s the easiest way to gift something all over the world).

So… let’s get started! And good luck!

PS: The contract only exists for PC at the moment. If you play on a different system and you reach the end of my scavanger hunt, feel free to recreate it and play it SA to take part in the contest!

Welcome. We’re looking for capable people for our new agency. Are you a problem solver? Someone who works best under pressure and is able to improvise. To find out, if you’re a fit, we have a little test for you. The subject we’re looking for just got back from a vacation. The problem is: She or he never came back. Or at least it seems that way. We suspect, that the subject had an operation and works now under a new identity. The subject we’re looking for sure must have some very important contacts.
All we found were some clothes with a note with a QR-Code on it. I’ll leave you to prepare.


As I recieved already a few private messages: Do you think the riddles are too difficult? Where do you need hints?

Are the riddles too difficult?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care and don’t play

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I got stuck after finding the Booking password for Haven
Only complaint for now is the need of an email account

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Thanks. You’re right. I thought a lot about this. But then again there are a lot of «burner»-email-services that are only active for one hour. And I guarantee you that I don’t even check who sent a mail.

I’m just stuck on the booking page (after inputting the password). Not even sure what I’m looking for now :sweat_smile:


Same, clues up to this point where pretty clear

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You’re almost at the end of the quest. Have a look at the picture. Really close.

Well Lasse says “Was living in one of those huts… Make sure to book that one as well” so I’m assuming we have to pick a specific hut but which one or what to do with it I’m not sure



This is the original https://www.ioi.dk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Hut.jpg and I’ve stared at them side by side and can’t see any differences :sob:

Ok, maybe it’s too difficult. But I won’t give the solution (or another hint) tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

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Resized the original and compared them but still not seeing any notable differences


So far nobody has solved all the riddles. Almost 250 people scanned the qr-code and opened the website there. Only 170 made the next step.

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I’m still stuck with the hut picture.
Still dont know what im looking for

Have you opened to picture in a new window?

I won’t say they’re too difficult since they’re supposed to be hard but I did get stuck a little earlier than everyone else :woman_facepalming:t5: still, very cool idea

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Where are you stuck?

maybe my brain is fried but i got the (first?) email and then just gave up lol

Have you read the thing under the disclaimer in the email? Little hint: The «random» sequence at the end has 25 letters. Try forming a perfect square with them.

i actually did try that i think im just dumb. but I’ll have another look at it and hopefully get somewhere 🤦🤦